Eddie at South Dakotans for Medical Marijuana complains that no one will pay attention to them. Well, you need a campaign first.

If you haven't noticed in the left hand column from time to time, the South Dakotans for Medical Marijuana have been doing a lot of grousing that no one will pay attention to them.

Yes, the Yankton newspaper did come out in their favor. That's about as many newspapers who came out in favor of JAIL's Amendment E. One newspaper isn't a groundswell.

The thing is, if they want people to pay attention to them, they need an effective campaign.

Now, don't take that as a criticism as much as an observation. How many ads have we seen on Medical Marijuana (MM)? How many tv appearances have we seen from spokespeople? Maybe 1? Possibly two? There's certainly no paid media, so if you want a real campaign, you need an energized earned media campaign that I would argue hasn't caught fire.

How many politicians have they gotten to help promote their cause? I recall seeing a letter of support from Tim Johnson on their website at one time early on, but it's like it's disappeared from the face of the earth. I'd be parading that around at every opportunity. That would get attention, and an increased measure of credibility. I recall seeing one or two supporters of the measure on the Family Policy Council questionnaire - I don't see those people enlisted in the cause.

Where's AG candidate Ron Volesky? Didn't he sponsor a Medical Marijuana measure a few years back? (2001's SB 73) Where's the joint press releases with the Democrat's AG candidate talking about how we need MM? Or the ad that says "Ron Volesky believes in Medical Marijuana, and you should too."

The bicycle trip across South Dakota to get signatures last year garnered the organization some attention. But ever since, that forward momentum evaporated.

The thing is, the blogosphere isn't talking about it, because no one else is either.

If you don't have a paid media campaign, and you don't have an earned media campaign, what kind of campaign are you left with? None whatsoever.

So, why isn't the blogosphere talking about Medical Marijuana (which I am personally opposed BTW)?

There just isn't much to talk about.


Anonymous said…
There is no campaign, cuz that requires volunteers, all the folks who support this are prolly pot heads, POT makes you lazy...No Campaign!
Anonymous said…
Mostly it's because there are other more high-profile issues on this year's ballot: abortion, gay marriage, etc. It's hard to get people interested in medical marijuana in a year like this.
johnnie w. said…
"prolly pot heads, POT makes you lazy"

prolly ignorant anonymous comment

prolly ignorant comment makes no sense (again)

I offered my thoughts on the blog, PP.

In fact, thanks for addressing the issue in general.

Anon 11:20 is also correct, there are other high-profile issue that have generated more media attention.
Anonymous said…
Perhaps people don't think about medical marijuana unless they or someone they love would benefit from it.

If one of my family members was suffering from a disease or the effects of chemo, and it was well known that marijuana would relieve their symptoms, I would raise the stuff myself if it would help them. It would be easier to do the time than to watch them suffer.

Before you jump to conclusions, I will add that I have NEVER tried marijuana. I just see no point in people suffering if something is available that will help relieve their symptoms.
Anonymous said…
anon 12:34, did you know that there are bona fide medicines that can provide relief more effectively than controlled substances?
Anonymous said…
"there are bona fide medicines that can provide relief more effectively than controlled substances?"

Unfortunately, that's not true.
Anonymous said…
Bill Napoli would listen, he must have been using because he couldn't possibly be for D in his right mind.

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