CCK takes after Bob Mercer.

I don't think it's the first time it's happened, but Chad over at CCK is going after Bob Mercer for a perceived Republican bias he thinks Bob has.

As I do my research on this post, I notice I covered this topic nearly a year ago. So, I'll just start calling this my annual defense of Bob Mercer post. Not that I'm in the habit of defending the media, but I never saw it in my dealings with Bob. In fact, in the past I've grumbled because he wouldn't give me the coverage I wanted, in the way I wanted, either.

So that must make him a Democratic tool.

Anyway, speaking of things Chad and I have in common besides a desire for Bob to be our media lackey, I hear we're sharing election night appearances. I'm pretty excited about it, but since it hasn't been announced yet, mum's the word. I'm sure one or both of us will break the news as soon as we can.

Stay tuned.

(And Bob, feel free to write that I have the coolest South Dakota political blog.)


Unknown said…
When Mercer signed on to be Janklow's press secretary, I told him I understood, because the money was no doubt better than the pay for being a reporter.

Her replied that it wasn't the money; "it was the opportunity to steer journalists to the 'real stories'."

I choked back a gag and heave at that, deciding to wait and see. I am still waiting for Mercer to steer a journalist to any 'real' stories about the Janklow regime.
Anonymous said…
It is astounding that people who criticize Kranz for his "political" work in college give Mercer a free pass as a reporter even though he most recently served as a partisan flack. Get some consistency would you.
Anonymous said…
Anon, are you pretending to be that ignorant? Wrong blog. (it was sdp)

But then again, liberals are as blind as they are stupid.
Anonymous said…
nice dodge mjb. But at least it proves my point.

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