I'm not the extremist, you're the extremist.

KELO-land.com is reporting on the Adelstein/Schwiesow Senate race in Rapid City, served up with another side of trash-talking by the incumbent Senator against his opponent. And of course, abortion is dominating the issue:
Elli Schwiesow would have voted for the abortion bill. She says she's the more conservative republican who reflects the party's platform.

Schwiesow says, "I've always had a servant's heart and I think I can serve the people in my district and the state of South Dakota well."

Schwiesow says she too talks to voters about things like schools and property taxes, but her stance on abortion gets a lot of attention.

She says, "I care for all children despite the circumstances they were conceived in. I just love children. There are no unwanted children."

And even though they hold differing opinions, both candidates say their positions on the issue are connecting with voters.

Adelstein says, "It's gotten a lot of attention state wide because she's the most extreme opponent, no abortion under any circumstances and I was a leader in trying to get amendments for health of the mother, rape and incest."

Schwiesow says, "I'm proud of the governor and I'm proud of our state legislators. 67 percent of legislators voted for that bill and I'm proud of them."
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Anonymous said…
Elli loves Kids? That reason enough to vote for her. Give me a break. This is all she's got? She should get on the bus w/Leslee Unruh, hug kids and leave governing to people with a little more strength of thought.

And I'm no Stan Fan but you sometimes have to vote for the evil of the two lessers.
Anonymous said…
Elli thinks there are no unwanted children? Either she's a lying pander bear or she just has her head in the sand. Department of Social Services can show her hundreds upon hundreds of unwanted, abused and neglected children. If she doesn't believe they exist, will she cut DSS funding?
Anonymous said…
Anon 8:41 - you're kidding aren't you? Have you seen the statistics for the thousands of prospective adoptive parents who have been told there are no babies for them to adopt? Those kids who have been abused and neglected would have been better off if their parents had put them up for adoption at birth, but unfortunately for the child, the parents thought they did want them.

Elli is, and has always been, concerned about abused and neglected children and she’s spent as much time fighting to help them and she has trying to save babies from being slaughtered in their mother’s womb.

I guess it only matters to you which side of the birth canal that baby is on when it comes to allowing them to be abused and killed?
Anonymous said…
Anon 10:57 chimes in with another campaign platitute. Elli has fought for abused and neglected children. Yeah right! Without details this is just empty words. How many kids has she adopted? How many kids has she served as a foster parent? How many pregnant teenagers has she either taken into her own home or found a home for? What exactly has she done to fight for abused and neglected kids?

And if all kids are wanted, why are they abused and neglected?

The problem with the right-wingers is that they try to fit the whole world into their tiny little ideological box, but real life doesn't fit. People have always, and will always behave in illogical, self-destructive ways. So instead of pretending that reality doesn't exist, let's deal with reality.
Anonymous said…
Wake up! Elli clearly has a mental problem, and her quotes are proof.

She needs a padded room and continuous observation. Please stop encouraging her. This is no longer entertaining.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous 1051 said, "I guess it only matters to you which side of the birth canal that baby is on when it comes to allowing them to be abused and killed?" This is the best statement to use against the pro-abortion folks I've read in a long time!

The pro-choicers berate anyone not in their corner for promoting child abuse, when in reality THYE are promoting child abuse. Of course, in their minds it's blastocyte or fetus abuse.
PP said…
Anon 11:33, you sound like the nutty one. Not only is Elli one of the most decent people I've ever met, I think she's going to win.

Clearly, you're part of the cult of trash talking negativism that's surrounding her opponent.
Anonymous said…
PP, Elli will not win. Her extremist views and the invovlement in her campaign of every crackpot in Rapid City have sealed her fate. You have run an interesting race on this one, but to no avail. Better luck next time.
Anonymous said…
Sorry anon 10:57 -- ask any social worker in the state. There are hundreds of South Dakota kids in the system waiting to be adopted RIGHT NOW. Why do you think DSS puts up billboards and advertises on the radio? The fact is, the people "desperate to adopt" are desperate for healthy, white, newborns.
PP said…
Anon 10:33, I'm just an admirer. I'm not involved in the race as I am a couple others this cycle.
Anonymous said…
To set the record straight, Elli has adopted two children that are now grown and are productive members of society!

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