Manny Steele making his last minute push

E-mails are going across District 12 urging people to get out and vote for Manny Steele, and some of them are hitting pretty hard on Ann Henkin, termed Casey Murshel's hand picked successor. From my e-mail box:
After H.B. 1215 (the bill thats bans almost all abortions in South Dakota) was passed during this past legislative session by a bi-partisan majority, pro-abortion advocates like Casey Murschel have been fielding candidates like Ann Henkin to run against conservative, pro-life, pro-family Republicans like Manny Steele. Casey Murschel voted against H.B. 1215 during the 2006 Legislative Session, and Ann Henkin has stated she would have voted against H.B. 1215 as well.
Stay tuned for election day.


Anonymous said…
Vote for Mannnnnny & get yet another far right cookie cutter clone identical down to the blue blazer and boring tie to 70 others in the South Dakota legislature.
Unknown said…
Calling people who advocate that government (and you) stay out of birth canals unless invited "pro-abortion" is name-calling at its slimiest.

It shows as much thought as your antipathy towards people who can get no relief from their maladies except through ingesting cannabis.
Anonymous said…
I know Manny on a personal level, and I take offense to your personal attack on him. Manny is a man of faith and a man of integrity, and he will represent the citizens of District 12 admirably and honorably. Just because someone stands up for innocent human life does not mean he is "yet another far right cookie cutter clone indentical down to the blue blazer and boring tie to 70 others in the South Dakota Legislature".

Thanks, PP, for the great post on Manny Steele. I am very proud to call him my friend.
Anonymous said…
To respond to anonymous and newland...Far right? Extremist? talk about old and boring. And pot smokin' bob...proof that a mind is a terrible thing to waste...Go Manny, we need people like you.
Anonymous said…
Anybody ever notice that Newland is about the only person on these blogs who identifies himself? The rest of ya chicken, like me, or do you just know you're stupid?
Anonymous said…
I dont post my email because I assume that those that oppose my views may want to flame my email, crash my website or whatever. Same with letters to the editor...I dont send those, because I've heard of those that oppose me would harrass me. Chicken,yeh.

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