Censure holds the penalty of public embarassment. And that's it.

The Select committee on discipline is meeting again today to finalize it's reports on what they should do about Senator Sutton's transgressions - both alleged and agreed upon. And the Argus is reporting on what forms those punishments could take:
The committee is scheduled to meet today after the Senate finishes business to discuss and adopt the majority report, which was to be written over the weekend.

Committee chairman Sen. Dave Knudson, R-Sioux Falls, said Friday that he would write the committee's minority report recommending the Senate expel Sutton.


Under the censure, Sutton still could vote, introduce legislation and serve on committees, but censuring him would serve as a form of public embarrassment.
Read it here. They're kidding, right? As if the formality of censure could be any worse formalized embarrassment than the several days of hearings?


Anonymous said…
Sutton isn't guilty of anything more than being naive. He was naive to allow Austin to stay in his bed. However, last time I checked being naive does not constitute guilt. He says he is not guilty and I believe him. God knows the so-called "evidence" in this case didn't prove more than that. For anything more than a censure to occur, I believe there needs to be "proof" not inconsistencies, discrepencies, and hidden notes under furniture.
Anonymous said…
Sutton is a public embarrassment as a public official. The reports of the minority and majority will tell the story of leadership.
Anonymous said…
Convincing testimony from the victim is enough for me.

If Sutton had an explanation, that would be one thing.

But to say that Austin concocted this entire story? You've got to be kidding me.
Anonymous said…
You know that the lord look out for those who serve him and Sutton has been a servant of the lord for a long time. Look at the thing He and his Wife have done for the city, and comunity of Flandreau. I hope every one respects the voice of the Senate and let this rest for everyone involved, Everyone Involved. God Bless!!

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