30,000 !!!

YEAH! Another milestone. I just hit 30,000 visitors this month - about 5x what it was a year ago. And along with that you can count about 70,000 hits for those 30k visitors.



Anonymous said…
All the new people are Democrats, Indys, Anarchists, Athiests, Agnostics, Artists, Sinners and Libertarians, PP. You're once right-wing, culturally conservative blog is in the process of transcending the ditto-head crowd and well on it's way to becoming MSM. Are you cool with that?

(you should be)
Anonymous said…
... with only 15,000 out of two extended households in Moody County.
Anonymous said…
Quit linking to nauseating lefty blogs! They won't do the same for you. Why do you do it???
PP said…
know thine enemy
Anonymous said…
Yes, but then they get to brag about their numbers too when some of those hits are people like me who go to their sites only when they are listed on yours. I said as much on the SD Watch site bragging about his numbers.
Anonymous said…
pp, we're not your enemy.

That's an anti-American thing of you to say.

We are your compatriots. The enemy wants us both dead. I want you to thrive. I'm hopng you want the same for me, regardless of our political differences.
PP said…
9:22, sorry.

It was a joke. I didn't realize that comment required explanation.
Anonymous said…
Oh, a joke? Hahahahahahaha.
Good one. Thanks for the clarification.
That was really funny, man.

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