Where's Wald... Jerstad. Where's Jerstad?

Senate State Affairs had a few awkward pauses this morning as Senator Sandy Jerstad was nowhere to be found as they were hearing her first bill ever - Senate Bill 161, a bill to repeal the Death Penalty.

Listen to the testimony here (or lack thereof): Audio Available

My favorite quote comes from Senator Bob Gray:
"We still haven't found Senator Jerstad, correct? The Chair will defer Senate Bill 161... until another day."
Catch all the details on the bill here.

Do you think she missed it because she didn't want to watch the slaughter of her death penalty bill?


Anonymous said…
mother ship called her home?
Anonymous said…

Perhaps before you poke fun, you should know facts. There was some confusion about the Senate State Affairs Agenda. If you look at the top of the agenda you will see the word "revisied"...this wasn't the original agenda posted last Friday. Severl other bills were on the original agenda.

The revised agenda didn't come out until late Friday afternoon. Come Monday, everyone was confused. To make matters worse, the LRC never sent out the revised agenda.

Most people didn't realize the agenda changed. I am guessing that also includes Jerstad.

If you want to point fingers, you should ask Bob Grey what is up with bill management or ask the committee chairs why they can't get their act together.
Anonymous said…
What does bill management have to do with being at the right place at the right time.

Besides the committee meetings generally start at the same time every day.

further one of your buddies could call you on a cell phone.

If you can't even show up for your own bill regarding the death penalty maybe we need to hire someone else to represent D-12.

I think Hal Wick is going to run for D-12 State Senate and kick Jerstad's ass in the next election.

One more conservative and one less liberal!
Anonymous said…
This Jerstad woman is being exposed as one of the biggest airheads in Pierre. She bought her Senate seat with her inherited millions and now people are seeing how they were sold a bill of goods.
Anonymous said…
The fact that she thought it was a good idea to try and repeal the death penalty shows how "OUT OF TOUCH" she is with her constituents in South Dakota. Get that?? OUT OF TOUCH. Isn't that what the liberals always say. She's as liberal as they come----duh! Bring back Earley
Anonymous said…
I thought she wanted to "get back to work"????????? why is she wasting time on dumb MORAL ISSUES????? and yes, she's gaining a reputation as a wealthy clown
Anonymous said…
Jerstad did NOT campaign for a repeal of the death penalty during her campaign last fall!
Anonymous said…
Jerstad is nothing but a big joke. I am so disappointed that the voters of district 12 ended up with her representing them (or not, in this case). I hope she is gone after the next election.
Anonymous said…
I am one of those West River Republicans that people joke about occasionally. I say that because I wnat to make it clear that I don't nver heard of Jerstad and could care less. HOWEVER why do people beat up on people with money, especially "inherited" money? I figure that it doesn't matter if or how people have money (good for them!) as long as it was done legally.:-) Just like I could have cared less if Daschle had a mansion in DC. I never voted for him because he is a liberal, not because he had a big house.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, good luck running a campaign based on bashing Jerstad. The woman is (rightfully) very nearly considered a saint in Sioux Falls for her charity work and her work with kids at Augie.
Anonymous said…
Ha! I live in Sioux Falls. Never once have I heard the words "Sandy Jerstad" and "saint" mentioned together. I did hear alot about how pushy and obnoxious she was getting her gigantic signs placed around town. I also know that she worked very hard to make sure the folks didn't find out she was pro-choice.
Anonymous said…
Did she? I guess maybe STANDING AT A PODIUM IN DOWNTOWN SIOUX FALLS A WEEK BEFORE THE ELECTION AND SAYING SHE WAS PRO-CHOICE INTO A MICROPHONE was maybe not clear enough to people of your mental capacity.
Anonymous said…
The fact of the matter is Sandy Jerstad knew there was a hearing scheduled, was in town, but nowhere to be found. Heck, the press knew there was a hearing and a bunch of the other proponents were sitting in committee waiting to testify. Sounds like Wick will have a good campaign slogan - "Where's Sandy?"
Anonymous said…
I'm glad to see that Bill Early finally figured out how to use a computer. Welcome to the war college Bill.
Anonymous said…
I heard Sandy is the new de facto chairwoman of the Draft Hal Wick for State Senate in D12 Committee.

Wick will wipe the floor with Jerstad (nice alliteration huh!)

The GOP is going to clean house in 08 in the legislature b/c of D shenanigans in Pierre like this and the Katus tax bill and whatever else we can find that goes against a supermajority of South Dakotans beliefs in the next few weeks.

Where's Scotty H and his get back to work crap at now? I saw him on KELO the other night looking all solemn with his hand clasped talking about Dan Sutton and the "PROCESS".

He couldn't lead himself out of paper bag and apparently he has no control over the other airheads in his caucus either.
Anonymous said…
do any of you right wing idiots work?
Anonymous said…
4:35 PM,
We're able to multi-task. Apparently, that's something you're not familiar with. Now, who were you calling "idiots"?
Anonymous said…
the multi-tasking explanation is impressive. What else are you doing besides parroting right wing, bumper sticker rhetoric, ordering your his and her rush limbaugh beer mugs?

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