Hey, didn't we just change that a couple of years ago?

As of the changes back and forth in this law weren't confusing enough in 2004 when several GOP activists got stung on the confusing requirements, Democratic legislators are attempting to change the law once again to drop the law that absentee ballot applications need to be notarized.

HB 1224, An Act to eliminate the requirement that an application or request for an absentee ballot be notarized has been introduced by several Democrats.

I anxiously await their testimony that the requirement for notarization has been confusing and burdensome ever since the law changed, because just the introduction of the act seems to be exoneration for those - Republican and Democrat - who have gotten stung by the changes on an election to election basis.


Anonymous said…
Historical revisionism: "Republican activists got stung with the confusing requirements..."

That's bullshit! The requirement that a notary actually witness a person's signature is not confusing at all. The secretary of state sends every notary a pamphlet with the requirements that any 8th grader can understand.

Those GOP activists were willfully committing voter fraud by taking absentee ballot requests anywhere and everywhere without a notary and sending them to the Sioux Falls office where notaries were falsely attesting that the people who requested ballots had signed in front of them. The Larry Russell/Jennifer Giannonatti fraud factory.
Anonymous said…
That last poster is exactly right. There was nothing confusing about the requirement - the GOP machine was cutting corners and got caught.

Having said that, it is a bad idea to repeal this requirement - when administered correctly, it prevents election fraud.
Anonymous said…
Nothing more should be have to be said about the issue... we already saw what one election cycle with a fairly localized/isolated fraud charge can do to this state, so let's not let this get by and have to face another suspected case of voter fraud with 10 times the magnitude of the previous one.

Simply said, it's a bad idea... let's hope it doesn't get passed
Anonymous said…
I'm all for absentee voting; we have done it for awhile because of our jobs and now because it's more convenient. But I think the ballot needs to be notarized too. It's not that hard and it's an added step to verify that the ballot isn't fraudulent.
Anonymous said…
The Democrats are gearing up or 08. They want to be able to cheat after dark again like they did in the Thune Johnson race. Shame on any person voting for this bill.
Anonymous said…
This does not exonerate the Larry Russell Gang in any way shape or form. They knew the law and willfully disregarded it. The law might be stupid, but those running for public office have an obligation to ensure that the laws are properly followed. Our system of justice does not allow for individuals to choose to follow only those laws with which they agree, particularly those who wish to serve in a position of power in our government.

The notary requirement is, I think, an unnecessary burden. Our voter registration and absentee laws should encourage voter participation while reasonably protecting against fraud. We can adequately protect against fraud without a requirement that a notary be present when the request is filled out.

But saying that the passage of this bill will exonerate anyone is like saying that everyone picked up for speeding was exonerated when we increased the speed limit on interstates and highways. It's a bunk argument.

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