Quotes of the week

"This Republican Governor is doing all he can to control the growth in Government bureaucracy..."
- Mark Roby, Watertown Public Opinion (Message from publisher 1/31, WPO)
(A compliment for a Republican from the press. It was worth documenting.)

"The message from the Senate is - Send us your children, and we'll only molest them enough to get censured. What a terrible message for us to send to the people of South Dakota. It's awful."
- Senator Bill Napoli, Rapid City Journal 2/1
(Bill Napoli strikes in the press again. For the record, Bill was a yes on expulsion and a "protest" no on censure.)

"Censure means nothing. It's just a slap on the wrist - That's it"
- Senator Gene Abdallah, Brandon Valley Challenger 1/31
(Just for the record, Senator Abdallah was a no vote on expulsion, and a yes on censure.)

"Please don't ask us anything about it because we honestly don't know anything, which is just the way we'd like to keep it."
- Representative Betty Olson on the Sutton Affair.
(And that's the way the House wants to keep it on the Sutton matter)

"Senator Hauge, once again, spent much of his time serving on the appropriations committee."
- Senator Hauge, Dell Rapids Tribune 1/31
(Either someone wrote it for him, or he's taking lessons from Bob Dole)

"I also ask that you not get too excited about any particular bill, and understand that most will die."
- Senator Jay Duenwald
(There's hope for us yet)


Anonymous said…
Napoli will say anything to see his name in the paper.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
i think Napoli is a mean spirited bitter old man!!
Anonymous said…
1)Well, it could be Roby's particular brand of "truth." Are you sure this was a compliment?

2)Sen. Napoli is correct. The Senate now looks like the bunch of good ol boys it is. You can molest a page and get away with it.

3)And Abdallah so much as tells us so.

4)Of course. It's a Senate issue. Besides Sen. Olson is busy trying to secure private property rights.

5)"Bob Dole"...heh heh. We hear it's a mind numbing numbers job. Perhaps Sen. Hauge is complaining.

6)Most should die they're so bad. Unfortunatly....
Anonymous said…
Abdallah's probably already forgotten about it.
Anonymous said…
Lets' hope that is a MIS QUTOE from B. Olson!!!!

Anonymous said…
Bill Napoli and I have had words. HE IS RIGHT ON!

If Danny were an R he would be gone.
Anonymous said…
It's a well known fact that Mark Roby is an extreme member of the lberal press...so this is huge. Could you confirm this PP. Wait a minute, I think I'm being manipulated with an absence of context. That's a first!
Anonymous said…
Contrary to what the first quote said, Gov. Rounds has not been good at controlling the growth of Govt.

I've heard there a bunch of fee and tax increases in the legislature right now that were sponsored by the administration.

That doesn't sound like controlling the growth of government to me.
Anonymous said…
If you're going to complain about marginal fees and taxes, then stop complaining about education and healthcare. Naysayers can't play both sides.
Anonymous said…
Rounds has done an excellent job controlling the growth of govt. Practically all the general fund spending increases have come in state aid to education, growth in prison population, rising costs of Medicaid, and utilities costs. None of those are really controllable.

The state has added a fair number of FTEs - but almost all of them are employees in the Board of Regents. These are not paid for by general funds - they are either professors to handle increasing enrollments at the universities (and paid for by tuition), or researchers paid for by whatever outside grants they get.

As for the fee increases, many of the fees our state charges for things have not been increased in ten or twenty years. Its just bringing them back up to the level at which they were intended to be.
Anonymous said…
Anon 9:36 - I was not complaining about healthcare and education? You are putting words in my mouth.

Anon 10:08 - State spending has been increasing faster than inflation ( approx. 3%)for several years. Republicans are supposed to be for limited spending.

If the state has been doing well without the increases over the past 10 to 20 years then it doesn't sound like they need to be increased.

The economy is doing well and a huge tobacco tax increase was passed by the voters last election. Taxes and fees do not need to be increased. It will only feed an appetite for more spending.

The legislature has been voting down some of these increases. They should be encouraged to do more of the same.
Anonymous said…
Even if increased medicare, etc are accounted for spending has still be growing faster than inflation.
Anonymous said…
How did the repeal of the open fields doctrine go over this year?
Anonymous said…
Napoli is no more than a person that wants to be someone and never will be. His comment shows his intelligence and now he said something he might regret he ever said. The news media will have fun with this in a few days.
Anonymous said…
napoli is an idiot.
Anonymous said…
Napoli is awesome and his comment is right on! I see the Suttonites are still at it! Which part of his comment isn't true?
Anonymous said…
8:22 reply to 12:12,
I am not a Suttonite or Weiseite fan as you referd to. I am not for him or him, I am someone who is sick of all of this bs trash talk by both w/o any real facts. You will soon see a few little interesting news stories I have been working on for months. Now go a read a paper !! might not even be about AW/DS read the post it again and think about it. Might be someone close to you.
Anonymous said…
I can tell you are not a AW/DS person. They are not awake at this time of the day going by all of the post both sides have did. Any hints on who or what?
Anonymous said…
6:20 Far east and a little west, now go and read a news paper.
Anonymous said…
Senator Duenwald is right. Some will die sooner than others. Some are already dead.
Anonymous said…
I figure a bunch of 'good old boys' remember the days of groping the young female pages and morn those days.

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