Vern Larson and Rich Sattgast - Watch out! Frank Kloucek is out to get you.

I see that Senator Frank Kloucek has introduced a measure, SJR 14, To propose a constitutional amendment to combine the offices of state treasurer and state auditor into the single office of state comptroller.

Considering a couple of things, this one is doomed to go down in flames.

First off, look at the sponsors - Senators Kloucek, Jerstad, Katus, Koetzle, and Maher and Representatives Lucas, Miles, and Sigdestad. The Kloucek name on the bill might be reason enough to kill it, but the exclusively Democratic makeup of the measure spells even greater doom.

And the second? If history tells us anything, South Dakota voters don't want to rock the boat in the type and number of constitutional offices that we have. Back during the Janklow days - a Republican backed effort from the popular Governor tried to combine the offices of Treasurer and the Commissioner of School and Lands. And guess what - the voters rejected that one too.

Look at the recent constitutional measures. Most all proposed changes go down, unless there's a groundswell and very organized campaign effort behind them. South Dakotans don't change constitutions because someone thinks it would be a good idea.

I haven't seen nor heard the reasoning behind Frank's introduction of the measure, but as it's coming up soon in Senate State Affairs, he's going to have to come up with some rational argument for it, despite the fact that literally no one out there in the hinterlands of South Dakota is asking for it.


Anonymous said…
Kloucek is an idiot, but this is not a bad idea. The fact is that the Auditor, Treasurer, and Cmsr of School and Public Lands are all "do-nothing" positions that should be combined - or better yet rolled into the Executive Branch. The AG and the SoS are the only jobs that really do anything - and you could at least argue for SoS being appointed as well.

But that will never happen, for the reasons PP said. For some reason, SD's voters want to keep all these silly positions. And that's good for Republicans - it gives them more statewide offices to win uncontested.
Anonymous said…
Why didn't he put in a bill to consolidate the PUC into a one-commissioner office. Talk about do-nothing!
Anonymous said…
The auditor watches the books, so lets let the wolf in the hen house.

This a bad idea, if you want to save money find a different source.

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