Just a small oops...

From the Rapid City Journal:
Every Fourth of July fireworks display in Rapid City for the past 15 years has been illegal - including backyard pyrotechnics - but a glitch in state law, undiscovered until now, could be fixed by next summer. "It's kind of embarrassing," state Agriculture Secretary Larry Gabriel said Thursday.

Gabriel raised the issue at a hearing in Pierre before the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.


But Gabriel added that if the Legislature were going to change the law establishing the Black Hills Fire Protection District, would they please add a correction to the current law.

Incorporated towns and cities, like Rapid City, are supposed to be exempt from the fire-district rules, but the 1992 law exempts only "third class municipalities" - or very small towns.

Technically, first- and second-class municipalities are not exempt from the fire-district rules, including the fireworks ban.

"That was never the intention of the Legislature," Gabriel said. "It was just something that happened."
Read it all here.

I hate when that happens. Maybe it would be better if they repealed more laws than they made.


Anonymous said…
Honey, get the hotdogs and marshmallows, they're going to try burn Deadwood, again! They failed in '59 and '02, so this time they can try it with pyrotechnics. (Afterward they'll ask the federal taxpayers to pick up the fire fighting tab.) The Jasper fire missed Custer and Hill City but pyrotechnics may ensure the next fire gets closer to those towns.

A grass fire like the million acre one that burned the Texas panhandle in '06 won't happen up here . . . 'cept maybe the 10k acre fire near Thedford, Nebraska in '06, or the 100 square mile (640k acre) Chadron grass fire in '06, or the fire east of Mobridge in '06. Yep, we need more freedom and not these darn rules of civilized neighborly conduct like getting burn permits or banning pyrotechnics. 'Cause, by golly, if we have a burn it's going to stay on the place and not jump to the neighbors.

Are they serious, or is it temporary insanity?
Anonymous said…
The above illustrates the meaninglessness of the "fire protection boundary.”
Anonymous said…
Imagine !! Jim Shaw part of law breaking!! Maybe he thought he was at the Iowa State Fair!!

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