Strike three?

Yesterday, the Aberdeen American News reported on the story of Brown County Republicans having to take a second vote for their new GOP chair (a story you read here first):

Brown County Republicans are meeting for a second time to elect county party officials.

An election was earlier this month, but state party officials have requested another election. Dana Randall, chairman of the Brown County Republicans, said state party bylaws require that five days' notice be given before a vote. That didn't happen earlier this month.


Max Wetz, executive director of the South Dakota Republican Party, also said that some people voted in the first election who shouldn't have. He said all of the people who attended were allowed to vote. State party bylaws indicate that should not have happened. Precinct men and precinct women, county party officials, Republican legislators from the county and elected county officials (such as sheriff, auditor, etc.) are the only people who should be allowed to vote in elections for new county officials, Wetz said.


There was only one contested race in the first election, Randall said. That was for party chairman. In the vote, Isaac Latterell defeated Duane Sutton.

Read that here.

And guess what, I'm told that last night Isaac defeated Duane for the County Chairmanship, again, and by a substantial margin (again). This marks the third time that the two have ran against each other within GOP circles, the first being the legislative primary for that district.

I also keep hearing that it's anticipated that both of them will be running (again) for the same legislative seat in 2008.

Stay tuned. This battle isn't over yet.


Anonymous said…
I don't know what it says about the voters in that district that they prefer a 25 year old who lives at home and works for his parents to a respected businessman who was one of the better-regarded members of the senate.
Aaron Lorenzen said…
I don't know what it says to voters who support a candidate who takes a stronger stance on the liberal agenda then the Republican name that he calls himself.

Isaac is great for Brown County and the state. He is a young, ambitious leader that wants to get involved. Everyone always talks about "let's get young people involved" and "let's keep young people in SD." Well here you go, we have a young person involved and a young person staying and succeeding in South Dakota. How do people that are older succeed if they don't start succeeding at a young age?

9:20, it sounds like sour grapes and a realization that the youth IS the future of the state.
Anonymous said…
I don't think blaming the voters and hinting the voters are stupid is a good strategy.
Anonymous said…
There is real good news here for Democrats. If Duane Sutton does decide to make a party shift, he will take many Republicans from District 3 with him and change the balance.
Anonymous said…
I'm less concerned about who won or lost than I am with what looks to be a concerted effort to ignore party election by-laws. Who, who has ever been to a county meeting, doesn't know who's eligible to vote, let alone the notice requirement that an election may actually be held?

Looks real bad, folks, just the type of stuff an election pro like Rick Hauffe loves to capitalize on and make us look bad.
Anonymous said…
Keep moving to the right and the Dems will keep picking up more seats.
Anonymous said…
I think Ronald Reagon had it correct. Look at his results! Conservatives stay the course and Liberals will stay in the minority.
Anonymous said…
Absolutely right on Reagan, stay the course, tell people why, don't waver,and they'll stick with you and respect you.

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