Hoping for the best.

My wife was up at the Capitol for a hearing today, and as she was milling around afterwards, an ambulance was called for a legislator that I've known ever since I've been involved in politics.

I'm trying to find out more what's going on, and I'll provide details as soon as I have them confirmed. I think it's best to make sure family is informed first, but I can tell you I'm intensely concerned about him, and I'll keep you apprised if I can.


Anonymous said…
The Argus is reporting the identify of the legislator:


I won't say his name here, but I certainly hope he's all right.
Anonymous said…
Rep. Gordon Peterson is scrapped but okay. He returned to the capital for the House session.

He has never missed a day in his long service to the state.
Anonymous said…
From argusleader.com, which has had by far the most extensive coverage of this story:

Just a few minutes after the House of Representatives opened its floor session Friday afternoon, the Wall lawmaker walked through the swinging back doors and took his place at a rolltop desk in the center of the back row of the chamber.

He wore a black winter coat and favored his right leg, and spots of blood were visible on the one pant leg.

"I'm sorry I'm late,'' he said after a full minute of standing applause from
the other lawmakers, pages and interns and many of the spectators in the
House gallery.

"It's a long flight of stairs," he said. "Don't try it.''
Anonymous said…
I had to chuckle a little when I first read the story AFTER I read that Pederson told everyone he was fine and didn't need help. I can completely hear him saying that after speaking with him many times at the capitol.

Glad to hear you are OK Rep. Pederson!!
Unknown said…
All that alcohol in his system padded his fall.
Anonymous said…
Why nothing about Betty Olson's loss on Open Fields?
RealFakeNews said…
I'm glad Gordo is ok. While we probably don't agree on anything, he's always treated me with respect, good cheer, and lots of great stories. He's been one of my favorite people in Pierre through the years. I'm glad he's ok. He's a tough old coot, and I mean that as a high compliment. I hope I'm as tough when I'm his age.
Anonymous said…
censure, censure!
Anonymous said…
Bob Newland:

You should be ashamed of yourself for that comment. There was no alcohol involved and Rep. Peterson is dedicated public servant.

Rep. Peterson served our country in war and peace. He deserves an apology from you.
Anonymous said…
Ignore Newland. He thinks he's cool, although he is far from it. And if anybody should know about abusing mind-and-body-altering substances, it's Newland.
Anonymous said…
I take it you don't drink alcohol or coffee, or smoke cigarettes, or eat chocolate, anon 7:24?
Unknown said…
I wish Gordon Pederson no harm, but I can't think of any criminal justice legislation on which he held the correct position.

If a self-identified Republican, fer crissakes, a guardian of individual sovereignty, will not take the stance that a human being has the right to do anything (s)he wants to do to him/herself, then on what basis does that hold that he is a Republican?

On Gordon's part, and on the parts of most self-identified Republican politicians, it appears he needs nothing other than the words of a Republican "leader" on which to base his support for creating and strengthening ever more obviously invasive law enforcement measures.

I single out Gordon, because he went out of his way to demonstrate his contempt for me.

Wait, we were on the same side in the lowering the drinking age to 18. I wanted it lowered because any legally-mandated minimum age for drinking alcohol is stupid. Gordon thought it would help keep high school seniors "off drugs".
Anonymous said…

So you personally attack people that disagree with you.

Do you think politics needs more personal attacks or more discussion of the issues without personal attack?
Unknown said…
Do you think politics needs more fish or corn meal?

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