4 more days. And If I didn't mention it, I'm not going anywhere.

I had a note this AM from a faithful reader who asked "Will the SDWC continue from Brookings? It would be a shame to end it."

Sorry if I hadn't been crystal clear on it. Sometimes I refer to things peripherally because I know them in my head, but in retrospect, I might not lay them out on paper as well as I should.

For the record (at this point in time), I'm not going anywhere, and the SDWC will continue.

I have 4 days left until I'm not in Pierre full time. Yes, it does mean my focus may change a little. I might write about local Pierre politics a little less, and I won't have the dead tree edition of the Rapid City Journal in my lap first thing in the AM.

But, if I can get local delivery of the Watertown Public Opinion to get my Mercer stories, it may be a plus, as it tends to be a more substantial paper than the Pierre Capitol Journal. The downside of that is I won't get the Pierre court reports to tweak politicos who get pinched by the local gendarme.

How else will my focus change? It might be best to see for yourselves. Keep reading.


Anonymous said…
You can get the Watertown paper online, including Mercer's column, for about $5.00 a month.

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