New South Dakota Blog

A new South Dakota Blog has popped up specifically in relation to South Dakota's persistent debate on abortion. is currently writing on the HB 1166 lawsuit, and the qualifications of the staff at planned parenthood:

Dr. Van Oppen(who performs abortions on women in South Dakota) states that in
HIS PERSONAL VIEW one isn't a "human being" until the child is "weaned" from his or her mother, often at about the post-natal age of TWO YEARS, but only if the
child's parents consider him or her a human being and welcom the child into the
family of human beings.
Read it all here.


been there said…
(And we call those grissly butchers "doctors"?)
Tom said…
I think that blog was misnamed. I'm not seeing a lot of truth.
nonnie said…
What? Maybe he's the one who isn't a human being even at his advanced age!

Actually, he believes this probably because it makes it easier for him to justify performing abortions and violating his Hippocratic oath.
nonnie said…
Tom, please tell us what is not true on that blog site.
Anonymous said…
Yet another exercise in unrestrained character assassination and lies, the hallmark of the extreme right. I hope they have good legal advice and know the difference between "a public figure" and a private citizen in matters of libel.
James said…
Feel free to point out anything on the site that is false and I can tell you the exact page number that it comes from.

This is a public document. If you believe I have misquoted anyone please let me know. I copied everything on the site word for word.

There is much more than I have even posted yet, but I don't own a scanner and had already highlighted many parts of the document that it was simple to just type them up on a blog; which was FREE!!

I'm willing to bet that PP will find stuff in there that I haven't seen. I'm just a regular citizen who wants the truth to get out to the general public. The comments made by planned parenthood and their "doctors and experts" are not in touch with what people in South Dakota and America believe.

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