Kooker for Mayor Release - There's a new PAC in town, not like the old.

Rapid City Mayoral Candidate Sam Kooiker sent out a press release tonight announcing that he's receiving money from a new Rapid City PAC. Except no one named Hamilton or Adelstein is invited:
RAPID CITY – Rapid City mayoral candidate Sam Kooiker has announced that his campaign would accept contributions from a new political action committee called The Committee for Open Government.

The PAC, with retired 7th Circuit Judge Roland Grosshans and retired Rapid City educator Bob Williams at the helm, will support candidates who establish their commitment to open government.

Kooiker said Grosshans and Rapid City businessman George Dunham are among those who have contributed to the PAC.

“I’m very proud of the caliber and character of the people who have chosen to support my mayoral candidacy,” Kooiker said.

Kooiker said none of the people who have contributed to the PAC have any agenda, other than a desire for open and honest government.

“Rollie Grosshans volunteered his time to help me expose the details of the scandalous lease-leaseback plan for selling our waste water treatment plant to off shore companies looking for a tax dodge,” Kooiker said.

“I don’t believe there is a more respected educator in Rapid City than Bob Williams. And, George Dunham and his wife Nancy have become friends of my entire family. George’s reputation as an honorable businessman and philanthropist is beyond reproach. I’m honored to know each of them, and more honored by their confidence in me and their dedication to open government.”


Anonymous said…
What is the difference between this PAC and any other? Just another mechanism to funnel special interest money to candidates. You can't sugar caot it, it stinks.
Anonymous said…
Now, Now, Kooiker is involved in this one, so it MUST be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Remember, none of these people have an agenda. They will NEVER have ANY issue come before the City. Remember, just don't issue a STOP WORK ORDER, because George will just keep on doing what he's doing.
Anonymous said…
George Dunham is a good man. George was attacked by city hall four or five years ago, and he prevailed. No one has ever been able to effectively attack his integrity and it's unfortunately that sleep deprived 11:21 chose to take a cheap shot at George.
Anonymous said…
The attack against George Dunham went too far from City Hall, but it doesn't eliminate the fact that he ignored a Stop Work Order because it suited him.
Anonymous said…
So first Kookier took money from Hamilton, got spanked for it.

So now he goes out and forms a new PAC and everything is fine?

Not sure if we can trust anything Kookier says.

Of course PP wouldn’t criticize this PAC because Adelstien isn't in it.

Just another example of PP’s double standard.
Anonymous said…
Well, I can tell you one thing; Mike Sanborn won't say word one about this. Sanborn already has his pennant and ball cap, navy blue and yellow. It would be nice if Sanborn were the least bit objective, but at the very least, the Rapid City Journal shouldn't be paying him to run Kooiker's media campaign. Sanborn will not even discuss how Kooiker approached Hamilton for money and full backing, but then declined after full backing was not forthcoming. That doesn't sound very "open" to me.
Anonymous said…
Anon 1:15
Perhaps that is because you are wrong.
Anonymous said…
Wrong about what? Kooiker has taken over $10,000 in direct or in-kind contributions from Doug Hamilton, but failed to report 77% of them. Kooiker is now trumpeting forming a PAC to fund his campaign. Kooiker touts refusing money from Hamilton, but up until the end he was still begging for his financial support. When full-backing wasn't offered, he decided to forego any contribution. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still Sam Kooiker.
Anonymous said…
Kooikers PAC isnt full of developers looking for a handout via TIF's.

For example, why was the wal-mart tif application withdrawn ?

answer; because Shaw and Johnson supporter doug hamilton doesnt want to hurt his candidates.

Kooiker did not fail to report anything, Schumacher and Hamilton are lieing about the money to protect Fuller, period !!
Anonymous said…
Careful, the last time George Dunham was publicly defamed, that person wrote him a check for 100 thousand dollars, or, well, I mean storybook island got 100 thousand dollars (coincidence I am sure)
Anonymous said…
You people are still on the attack Fuller bandwagon? That really does show how pathetic some of Kooiker's supporters are. Unfortunately Kooiker's supporters know it is true as well, but they just won't say it, because they know Kooiker will look bad. Kooiker knew every detail about that arrangement, down to the percentage bonus. He is lying to save his Mayoral campaign. Why? I can think of more than 80,000 reasons. Just like I can think of 7700 reasons not to vote for him.
Anonymous said…
Kooiker never received 7700 dollars, schumacher isnt worth 77 cents let alone 7700 dollars, Kooiker would not have agreed to spend 7700 dollars that way, even if he had it. Schumacher was paid to help Fuller, The PAC realized to late, that was illegal, so schumacher and hamilton pencil whipped a "correction" (almost a year later) I hope you are not a lawyer, if you are, you must lose alot of cases.
Anonymous said…
I suppose we could always ask to see the checks, maybe there is some sort of notation as to their purpose. Unfortunately, as a Kooiker supporter, you still wouldn't believe that and would believe the bank forged new checks to help cover the tracks. If you don't think Kooiker knew about the $7700, then you don't know him as well as you think you do. Maybe it's sunstroke, put on some sunglasses.
Anonymous said…
What's sad is that Kooiker is still hanging on to the Lease-Leaseback argument. Kooiker peaked then, he hasn't been as effective as a Councilmember or a leader since then. It sounds a lot like an old athlete talking about what he did twenty years ago. Remember, Kooiker didn't do it alone, but his supporters would like you to believe he did.
Anonymous said…
Mike, you need to stop attacking Kooiker.
Anonymous said…
The lease back is not old history, the folks that supported it are still on the clowncil and running for mayor. Sam Kooikers position on all things, going all the way back to the leaseback to the present time, like, the civic center fiasco, storm water etc are rock solid.

If Kooiker is so bad, who are you voting for??

I can destroy all others by their record, backed up with facts, cut n pasted here if you like.

How about the latest slip of the tounge by Shaw, "The Civic Center does not cost the tax payers of Rapid City even one cent." Rapid City Mayor Jim Shaw said Wednesday morning(RCJ 5-16-07)

I guess we have a civic fairy that makes huge deposits into the citys checking account. That must be how the civic center ends up with all that money. The civic center receives 75% of the third penny sales tax, and now it is receiving about half of the available 2012 funds. I guess nobody from Rapid City ever pays the third penny tax. At the West Blvd association forumn monday night, Shaw stii maintained city property taxes are decreasing, hahaha

sooo, Kooiker h8rs, who is your boy or gurl ?
Anonymous said…
My boy will recognize that the Civic Center has a net benefit to the people of Rapid City and when he asks for a cost benefit analysis, it won't be for a gotcha, it will be because it shows the benefit it has for restaurants, lodging, and retail; each of which fail to appear on the Civic Center's bottom line. A lot of that sales tax is paid for by people outside of the city, so the benefit is multi-fold. The lease-leaseback is old news. It's time to sing a new song, rather than being Johnny One-Note. Where is your "boy" taking this city? Do you know? Does he know? Just saying "no" is not leadership. Voting against every budget that comes before you is not an achievement, being part of a process that crafts a budget that eliminates your concerns, is. Saying no to travel is not an achievement, trying to propose a solution rather than kicking an issue until election time, that is an achievement. Your "boy" has a lot to answer. Even hip-hop knows three chords.
Anonymous said…
I gotta admit, u r good at spinning your twisted logic and selective memory about Kooiker.

again, if you can, who is your boy ?

p.s. a cost analysis for the civic center wasnt for a gotcha, it was just good sense. I will bet that in 3-4 years the sky boxes will replace the Journey as the new benchmark for wasting taxpayer dollars, thanks to your, yet unamed, boy.
Anonymous said…
Sam never said "no" to travel, he questioned 400 dollar a night luxury suites at taxpayer expense. Bill Okrepkie will fill you in on the other details.
Anonymous said…
Sam repeatedly said no to travel. Sam repeatedly used inflammatory rhetoric that squelched all discussion that could have been used to rectify the issue. Sam worked to keep an issue that he saw as a winner in the forefront, yet also worked to see that it wasn't solved so he could continue to hitch his wagon to it. The only times Sam didn't say no to travel is when he was going on the trip. Hypocrisy is a beautiful thing.
Anonymous said…
Open republican dominated government or true open government?
Unfortunately there is a huge difference!
Anonymous said…
10:59 PM

So 1 guy, out of 10, stopped the other 9 from solving the problem??

wow, I didnt know Sam Kooiker was so powerful.

A guy that can control the city council might make a good Mayor.

I bet that statement makes Tom Johnson, the clowncil president mad. He thinks he is in charge. He told the west blvd association that if you want something done, come see him, because he is the one that can get things done. I wonder why Tom Johson couldnt fix the travel issues ? maybe Sam Kooiker is more powerful than Tom Johnson ?

I bet if Sam Kooiker is Mayor. Folks wont be booking luxury suites on the taxpayers dime.
Anonymous said…
11:53 PM -- Good attempt at spin, but it's no dice. Kooiker is a constant critic of travel, but he did nothing to work to change it, I did not say he stopped change. He didn't try to change it, because it would have been an issue off the table. So now, you are saying that the skyboxes are going to be taken out of the contract if Kooiker is elected Mayor, not too smart, because I believe there is a contract in place. Kooiker might cost the city more money through a lawsuit with no capital improvement, than the actual improvement itself. Remember, what derailed travel discussion is the constant use of the words frivolous & irresponsible. Continuing education for public officials is not frivolous nor irresponsible. Kooiker was content to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Kooiker had no power, nor the ability to work with others to pursue his goals. He is inflammatory and uses rhetoric rather than compromise. If he were to ever work behind the scenes on an issue rather that pursuing glory on the dais first, he might get something done. Until then, he is too immature for the position of Mayor.
Anonymous said…
somehow this got off topic.
Anonymous said…
Judging by the incredibly vicious attacks by Deb Hadcock against Sam Kooiker, he must be doing a good job.

She is in big trouble in her own council race.
Anonymous said…
"Continuing education for public officials is not frivolous nor irresponsible."

Give one example of this!! travel for council members is really for partying and socializing period. I read the report from the "smart growth" seminar, what a joke.

Kooiker has offered numerous solutions. It is to late to back track for you, one person cannot control the council, if things are being left undone it certainly cant be laid at Kooikers feet.

u Kooiker h8s r pathetic, to afraid to name your boy, hahahahahahahahaha
Anonymous said…
Did you see the Rapid city weekly news paper today? wowwwwww, that Rick Kriebel just blasted Tom Johnson, ouch.
Anonymous said…
You say Kooiker has offered solutions, but there have been none. He supported room sharing, but never brought anything forward, why? because he wanted the issue. He supported limiting the number of people going, but never brought anything forward, why? because he wanted the issue. That is not leadership. Did Kooiker ever share a room at National League of Cities and the Congressional trip to DC? Did he share a room in Utah? No. He is a hypocrite.

You ask for an example of it NOT being frivolous, here goes: the SDML meetings in Pierre and various other communities are not frivolous. Kooiker has always gone to those. Is it for partying or for education? If it is for partying, then Kooiker is a hypocrite for ever challenging travel, but if it is for education, then Kooiker is a hypocrite for calling travel frivolous. Which would you like it to be?

As far as one person not being able to do anything on the Council, that is true, but it is also true that nothing will change if never attempted. Your fearless leader preferred holding issues rather than finding solutions.
Anonymous said…
BTW, what's a Kooiker h8s. Does that mean Kooiker hates everything? If Kooiker hates, is Kooiker a hater? If Kooiker is a hater, would he be a Kooiker hater? If he's really good at it, would he be an All-Stater Kooiker hater. Well, gotta go, later.
Anonymous said…
Kooiker never said no to travel, he questioned 400 dollar luxury suites and the huge increase in the travel budget (like 40%) (I'm guessing),,,,,for the 4th time or so WHO IZ YUR BOY,,,HAHAHA

maybe we could discuss tap fee's
Anonymous said…
You keep saying he never said no to travel, but he voted against it nearly every time. The $380 room was a one time issue, not the norm. You are just like Kooiker, a one-note Johnny. BTW, what is tap fee's possessing. Do you want to discuss a tap fee's Momma. Maybe a tap fee's Daddy. Please explain.
Anonymous said…
you momma was an english teacher, you figure it out.

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