GOP 2010 Governor Poll results

My completely unscientific poll on who the GOP should nominate for Governor in 2010 has made for some interesting fodder. With 304 votes cast, Lt. Governor Dennis Daugaard is in the lead, but the very close #2 is former Senate President Pro Temp Lee Schoenbeck. Current Senate Majority Leader Dave Knudson comes in 4th behind former Speaker of the House Matt Michels.

How are we to interpret the results? Not seriously at this point, as the primary is more than 3 years away. But it might give pause to those who are seeking the primary nod.

It looks to me that the grassroots are seeking someone viewed as having conservative credentials, and that nothing is locked up at this point.

And that we should spend more time worrying about who our 2008 candidates will be, rather than who it's going to be in 2010.


Anonymous said…
Knudson isn't going to go over with conservatives or the grassroots. Daugaard and Schoenbeck lead here because they are both good conservatives. Michels is also good, but seems to be behind the pack.

This is a conservative blog, and PP backs Schoenbeck. Lee should be at his strongest here. Daugaard winning this poll with over one-third between seven candidates is a good sign - and the next candidate back was 6% behind. I don't think that is all that close.
Anonymous said…
Lee was never Senate Majority Leader. He was president pro tem.
Anonymous said…
Lee was never a lot of things.
Anonymous said…
I wonder how many times Lee voted for himself in this poll?
- PP's emergency editor) said…
(Mistake Fixed)
Anonymous said…
The post originally said Lee was "senate majority leader" rather than PPT - that was the mistake they fixed.
Anonymous said…
"very close #2 is former Senate President Pro Temp Lee Schoenbeck"

"the primary is more than 3 years away"

"nothing is locked up at this point"

"we should spend more time worrying about who our 2008 candidates will be"

Sounds to me like someone is not too pleased with the results of this poll!
pdq said…
I think a few of you take yourselves too seriously.

When Mickelson first decided to run, he was at 4% - less than the former Governor Kneip, who had passed away.

Sounds like a lot of trolls are out scurrying around today with nothing better to do.
Anonymous said…
PP -

Where's Ted Klaudt on your list of plausible candidates? Ted's one of our best minds in state government and a heck of a leader. If we're looking to our children's future Ted's our man: “We’re Republicans and Republicans are the conservative group (in the Legislature). If you want to be in the Republican Party you should believe in the party’s beliefs and support its platform,” said Klaudt, of Walker.
Anonymous said…

I agree. Ted is a leader of conservatives across the state. We need to encourage him to run for higher office. He has my vote.
Anonymous said…
PDQ 2:54 -

You are right - alot can change in three years. But I'd rather be ahead than behind.

And Gov. Kneip was not dead when Mickelson first decided to run - he didn't die until after the 1986 election. Kneip attempted a comeback that year but was narrowly defeated by Lars Herseth in the Democratic Primary.
Anonymous said…
Talking about Klaudt for anything other than dog catcher is moronic. He's never been the face of the republican party and he didn't get assistance from the party last election.

Who are you kidding? Yourself? Nobody else is buying it, you hack.
Anonymous said…
Not speaking at all to the merits of Klaudt as a candidate, but I would be shocked if he was considering a candidacy - which makes the whole discussion rather silly.
Anonymous said…

Shame on you. Ted has been working hard for the conservative movement for years. He was the head of the Conservative PAC and he led the fight against the Mainstreamers. He is very dedicated to children. He deserves our support.
Anonymous said…
SD Conservative PAC distributed a grand total of $2600 in 2006 - and that was largely financed by two donors giving $1000 each.
PP said…
9:31 and 6, sorry. I've got to censor those at the moment.
Anonymous said…
PP - Maybe you should remove all the Klaudt stuff - for those of us who don't know what's going on the whole thing seems bizarre. It detracts from an otherwise interesting post.
Anonymous said…
I attended law school with Matt Michels. I am not a member of his party, but believe him to be an exceptional person and gentleman. I don't know that this qualifies him to be Governor. Just my 2 cents.

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