The Storm Clouds have erupted. KELO has the story. Former legislator arrested for stalking, rape.

I told you it was coming:
A former South Dakota legislator has been arrested. Republican Ted Klaudt faces several charges including stalking and second degree rape.

Klaudt is charged with eight counts of second degree rape, two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, one count of sexual contact with a child under 16, two counts of tampering with a witness, and one count of stalking.
Read it all here at

This is bad. So bad.


Anonymous said…
Some of this must have happened during session? I make that assumption because of the Hughes Co. investigation?
Haggs said…
Wow. That is bad.
Anonymous said…
I find this story really hard to believe. For one thing, Klaudt is so fat that I don't see how he could have sex with anyone, much less an unwilling victim. I guess stranger things have happened, but I really doubt this one.
PP said…
I think you can all see why I wasn't going to speculate on this one based on rumor.

It is that kind of bad. In fact, I'm not sure it isn't worse than I'd heard.
Anonymous said…

You promoted the rumor with your post that someone was to be busted. You're just a rumor-monger. No honor (nor value) in that.
PP said…
Anon, then you're welcome not to read.
Haggs said…
Are you guys watching the news right now? They're saying he allegedly told a girl under his foster care that he was going to sell her reproductive eggs to pay for her college tuition. And he allegedly performed the medical exame himself.

This is so bizzare my head is spinning.
Anonymous said…
Ah! PP concedes 12:01 is right.

I'm taking PP's suggestion. I’m not reading PP’s creepy window-peeping posts. I’m staying away from the details of this mess and leaving it to the authorities.

Have fun with your voyeurism all.
DakotaDemocrat said…

Thanks for staying above the fray on this.

Innocent until proven guilty. That's what we're about here in this country.

I certainly wish the foster program well, because they are going to have a tough time for the foreseeable near future. Through no fault of their own.
Anonymous said…
I guess now we know what all of the Ted Klaudt for governor comments were about in the last few days on this blog. Someone in the know just being funny.

Certainly some Republican legislators knew that Ted had a page staying in his room during the 2006 legislative session. Funny that nobody saw fit to mention that while the whole Sutton matter was going on.

I wonder if Klaudt's peanut caucus friends knew about the page staying with him in his room. Heck, the peanut caucus used to meet at Klaudt's room. Rhoden, did you know? Napoli, did you know? Hackl, did you know? Lintz, did you know?
Anonymous said…
Oh my God.

If a third of what is detailed in the Hughes County Court document is true, he needs to be hung by his privates and used as a piƱata. By his own admission, this evil, horrid, disgusting example of the human race took advantage of the trust placed in him by these girls and the state. I read the whole court document, and I just kept feeling sicker and sicker.

If you go though the bullet points of the complaint starting at number 43, you start seeing the things that he admits himself. I suggest doing it on an empty stomach.
Anonymous said…
"staying above the fray"

Heh, heh, heh!! Good one.
greatplains said…
What infamous bill was Klaudt co-sponsor for? You guessed it: HB 1215. If these charges turn out to be true, Klaudt will be the poster-boy for misogyny and abuse of power. A legislator who rapes his foster daughter and outlaws abortion even in cases of rape and incest. Connect the dots, people. This whole thing is alarming on so many levels.
Anonymous said…
Interesting how Larry Long was working this case and the Sutton case at the same time. This one obviously the far stronger case, yet Sutton broke in October just before the election. Interesting!

We report, you decide.
Anonymous said…
Long didn't get the Klaudt report until January 2007. Read the affidavit.
Gotta love those Republican family values we hear so much about as described in court documents about former Rep. Klaudt and his behavior towards young girls in his care. As greatplains notes, this basically confirms the Left's fear of what the Religious Right wants to do in this state--do what I say, not what I do. Klaudt makes Sutton look like a piker in comparison.

Funny too the state House thought they were like Cesear's wife and beyond reproach regarding a code of ethics last session. It was just those darn state senators who couldn't keep their hands off the pages, not us paragons of moral virtue, the state house. Yeah, right. Like no one in the GOP caucus had no idea about Ted's "hobbies"?

Funny too to now hear the Republicans say this shouldn't be about politics. It would be fun to go back and read what they all said about Sutton when he got caught with his fingers in the male page cookie jar. Let's be real. It's always about politics.

I look forward to Ted's former GOP colleagues now either coming to his defense--or more interesting--hanging him out to dry. One thing my Republican friends are good at are culling their own herd of the weak and the no longer useful. I.e., see Bob Sahr. Like Dan Sutton, no criminal prosecutions there either.

If we in the blogosphere, news business, and politics dined for months on Sutton, Klaudt's situation, pardon the bad pun, is an even bigger and fatter story that will fill thousands of column inches, hours of video tapes, and hundreds of blog posts.

It's time the mid-winter fraternity party called the South Dakota Legislature starts to act like adults. Actually, if they acted like drunken frat boys, that might be an improvement over where they are now.
Anonymous said…
Nice to see the generalizations there. And you wonder why Dems can never get votes from Reps (like on the campaign you were part of for a LITTLE WHILE last year). If you stopped insulting Republicans all the time, maybe they would give you and your party a chance.
Grossed out again said…
That's right! Because Republicans never insult anybody!

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