EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: More information on Klaudt story

Apparently this investigation has been going on for a while. I had a note from a girl who had served as a former Legislative page when Representative Klaudt was in the legislature, and this is what she had to say about it:
Probably a month and a half ago I received a call from a DCI agent who wanted to confirm that I served as a page sponsored by Ted. He asked if Ted had ever:

1.) Asked me to model for him

2.) Made any rude or inappropriate comments or remarks to me or anyone else while I was a page

I wasn’t aware of anything that happened during my time in Pierre .
So, this has been rumbling for a while. I first heard about it at early part of the week because one of the reporters had been calling around asking legislators about it with an incredible amount of detail. During the week, I'd heard of other reporters poking around for information on Ted and his background, so now that it's out, expect a huge amount of information to hit all at once.

But before we rush to judgment - remember that he's innocent until proven guilty. And remember that there are possible victims whose rights and privacy need to be respected.

More to come.


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