Reflections on the day.

It's the kind of thing that makes you physically ill the more thought you give it.

Yahoo News has the Klaudt story on the front page of the Yahoo! website tonight. As reported in that story:
The combined charges against him in both counties include eight counts of second-degree rape, two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, one count of sexual contact with a child younger than 16, two counts of witness tampering and one count of stalking. Some of the rape charges carry penalties of up to 50 years in prison.

The accusers were aged 15 to 19 over the years the crimes allegedly occurred. One girl was allegedly molested when she was a legislative page.


Klaudt's arrest is the second time in a year that the South Dakota Legislature has been rocked by allegations of improper sexual conduct.

In January, the Senate censured Democrat Dan Sutton after he was accused of fondling an 18-year-old legislative page when they shared a motel room during the 2006 legislative session. Sutton denied the allegation and was re-elected.

Read that here. Seemingly, all the Associated Press wants to write about is how South Dakota legislators are a bunch of perverts. As a Republican, I look and ask myself and ask - how could we not know? How could we not know? You wish you could have even had a clue back then to prevent all of this.

As someone who matriculated from the legislature as part of their student programs - with this second strike, does this mean the page program is now dead? I don't think we can chance a third incident before we call it quits with high school students.

As a taxpayer, I ask "how much is this going to cost?" when the victims and their families sue the absolute hell out of the state for putting them in the home of someone who seems to be a sexual predator.

As a concerned citizen, I wonder how many other foster children are abused like this? Kids who have the odds against them in the first place being further victimized by authority figures.

As a father, part of me wonders if frontier justice is still alive and well, and if it reared itself up, would I stand in it's way?

Yes, Ted is innocent until proven guilty. But if that affidavit is accurate on the few things he's already admitted to - I think he's already carved in stone how he's going to be remembered by history. As a person who - in ways so sick they cannot be imagined - sexually abused young girls placed in his care.

Some other Republican might find more innocence than guilt, or generosity, another redeeming quality to defend. But not me. And I don't think I'm alone. Everything I've heard from fellow Republicans today don't leave much room for ambiguity. The comments are almost unanimously "sick" and "evil." One journalist compared the contents of the affidavit to that of the Brad Reay trial.

Can you imagine that - someone thought it so sick and twisted it was akin to murder. And it's tough to disagree.

I could have never imagined we see such a day in our state's political system.

The more I read and re-read the charges - the more I pour over what he's supposedly admitted to already - the more I find myself repulsed and wanting to express that repulsion ad infinitum. But all it does is belabour the point.

It was as sick an act as could ever be conceived. And punishment should be swift and harsh.


Anonymous said…
I agree with you Pat!

There is nothing much worse than someone hurting the young and the elderly in my book.

If all the accounts are true and he has done as he has admitted to I shake my head.

It is once again a very sad day in SD and again we/our state is plunged into the national spotlight in negative light.

I am however thankful that this is now out and no more people will be hurt by Ted K.

Yes, he is innocent until proven looks like he has handed him self over for the punishment.

I hope it is swift and meets due justice.

This is ugly and will get more ugly.
alberta said…
What else would one expect of someone who would support so evil a proposition as HB1215?

And that extends to those perverts who supported it who have not yet been caught.
Anonymous said…
Another one of you anti-abortion, anti-gay, pro-molestation GOP, guys BUSTED. You guys are SICK! Welcome to the moderate side, where we don’t rape kids!
Anonymous said…

Please delete 11:59 and 12:27. I am absolutely disgusted to hear these comments coming from peoples mouth. I cannot believe people actually have the guts to say these things. Keep it civil or shut your mouth.
Anonymous said…
alberta and anon 12:27 - two words fatally blunt your argument - dan sutton.
Anonymous said…
Actually, Sutton is an anti-abortion, anti-gay Democrat.
Anonymous said…
Who happened to share his bed with a legislative page under cirumstances which came under scrutiny.

If alberta and anonymous want to cast dispersions, then they'd better look at their own party first.
Anonymous said…
Bill 1215 was NOT evil!!

It is people who do evil and very wrong things!!!!

Not all people who do these are are sick either they do it for pleasure and fun.

Don't confuse the two very different issues.
Anonymous said…
There is a certain pleasure that comes in watching members of the "holier than thou" wing of your party reveal themselves to be something less than holy.
Anonymous said…

At the expense of some young girls being abused??? Your an asshole!
Anonymous said…
It seems Alberta and anonymous 12:27, in their hindsight "wisdom" think these girls should have been aborted. How about their parents before them for their actions and TK as well? The Supreme Judge is looking at all of this as well folks, not just Alberta and 12:27...
Anonymous said…
If Dan Sutton did what he was accused of (we'll never know; there wasn't enough evidence to even press charges), it was wrong. But comparing an unwanted advance on an ADULT (admittedly one that he had some authority over) to multiple RAPES of MINORS put in Klaudt's care (oh yeah, and there is actual evidence) is ridiculous.
alberta said…
Sutton and Klaudt should have been aborted. In fact, Klaudt looks like he was.
Anonymous said…
There are different issues here in my opinion even though they tie together.

1. abuse
2. abuse by elected officials
3. The Page program
4. Also conern for the intern
Anonymous said…

There is no need for such ugly comments. Yes, I agree if he did what is stated he is a terrible person, however such comments are not worthy.
Anonymous said…
11:20 poster

please read post 12:01 so yes in a way they can be tied together!

Please note: I could be wrong but however I think i might be right.
In the page program though a kid may be a legal adult by age the said kid is still in high school and falls under those rules and guidelines in more than just this instance. I can not quote the law but I feel comfortable in making this statment. Maybe some legal eagle will fly in here to make comment. But it may be unlikely.
weezer said…
There might be an additional issue, dare I say, and that is the oversight of foster care by DSS (not to mention Mrs. Klaudt and others like her looking the other way, turning a blind eye, selective vision, denial, complicity, dependent narcissism???!?!.

From the affidavit it looks as though suspicions of this bizarre and sexually perverted behavior on the part of the illustrious Mr. Klaudt may have been reported and circulating for a couple of years. And no one took action before?
Anonymous said…
Weezer, your most likely correct i just didn't place it in my list.
It is impossible for the Social Service to visit each child daily and the DOC if i am correct returns or turns over the case to Social Service so SS can be held accountable i would think with rules, regulations and follow through.
Like i said however in all cases and each child is very important it is hard to have constant contact. Do we go back to housing units for all wards of the state? No, I am not talking jails before someone jumps on me.
This issue is bigger than most are pondering.
Anonymous said…
Actually, there is no report of Klaudt having intercourse with anyone. He is not a rapist in the traditional sense. The comments relating to abortion are way off base. If Ted truly were a rapist, wouldn't he want to hide(kill) the evidence, if a child was conceived? Being a rapist, or incestuous, would be consistent with the pro-choice philosophy, not the pro-life philosophy.
Anonymous said…
If Ted K. used the item that is stated YES he is a RAPIST!
Stan Adelstein said…
Some seem to think that politics, and particularly Republican politics have nothing to do with Klaudt’s behavior. I would have felt the same way if I had not gotten into office at the age of 69. Those who doubt this are the kind of decent Americans, who like me, always thought our magnificent free system was “self correcting.”

They, like me, did not know about the “Peanut Caucus’ who met nearly every night in Klaudt’s house to join together in planning how to vote the next day. When I got to Pierre I saw how a small minority of extremists had banded together – as it happened under the guise of “true conservatives,” in the Republican party.

This bunch consistently voted against the interests of women, children and the poor. On the appropriations committee Klaudt and Napoli opposed increased funding for Counseling, TANF, Education, Public Broadcasting and even oversight of foster care. They supported the most extreme exclusionary laws on Abortion, Corrections and most of Mike Round’s attempts to move the State forward. It is no coincidence that a rapist would be an ally of Napoli – who defined a narrow list of those women who if raped might just deserve consideration. Remember he listed “Christian, Virgins, etc.”

It is no coincidence that Napoli and Klaudt worked together to keep me from coming back to Pierre to oppose them. In the last primary they succeeded by only 172 votes.

Stan Adelstein
Anonymous said…
Nice post, Stan. Thanks.
weezer said…
Anon 7:52 PM, so is "traditional" rape a lot like "simple" rape? where if there is a simple rape, there really is no harm done because, after all, she wasn't a sodomized, brutalized, virginal Christian saving herself for marriage? Is traditional rape not that harmful or "as bad" as other kinds of rapes? Where do you get your information, the Jerry Falwell book of sex ed.?

peanuts, indeed...
weezer said…
you know, I actually really wonder (having been a woman myself for several decades) whether Ted's alleged vaginal excursions, uterine washings, and female discharge collections wrought any medical harm upon these young women? After all, what would one use pipe cleaners and syringes for in these exams? Was he injecting something through the cervix and into the uterus?

What if Ted is only one of several right wing misogynistic zealots to be exposed for his perversity? What if more are to come? (no pun intended)
PP said…
Stan, your post might have even been nicer if it wasn't full of such malarkey.

While I can't speak to what went on during peanut caucus in 2006 - where according to you it would have involved hooded Republicans chanting pagan prayers for your defeat - I attended regularly in 2007. And what did I see?

A bunch of legislators - both Republican AND Democrat - who didn't like hanging out in bars, or on occasion might have actually skipped events put on by special interest groups.

Yes, peanuts were eaten. Darts might have been thrown, as well as some good natured razzing over the reasons why they didn't support each other's legislation the previous day.

But in the end, I can guarantee you your name never came up, people would rather watch statehouse than plot, and most were in bed by 10:30-11.

Brr... It gives one the chills, doesn't it.
Anonymous said…
Don't you wish you had the balls to actually run for office, PP? I bet you do.
Anonymous said…
Hey i think there will be an open seat in Dist 7 this next election!!

PP said…
I've actually contemplated it in a state of whimsy, but I think I'd need to stabilize my employment situation first.

I'd be more interested in making money.
Anonymous said…
Stan, you have got to be the most myopic and narcissistic politician South Dakota has ever produced, and we’ve had some humdingers!

As a participant in many peanut caucuses, both as an ordinary citizen and as an elected official, while Klaudt was in Pierre and after he was gone, I never once heard your name come up in our conversations. You were and are irrelevant to the conservatives of both parties who enjoyed spending time with like-minded friends.

There was a reason that you got your tail whipped in the election and your liberal RINO positions on issues important to the Republican base was what did you in. Neither Napoli nor Klaudt had anything to do with the voters kicking you out.

Go look in the mirror and you’ll find the real culprit.
Anonymous said…
PP I understand making money. We all know that our legislators barley cover expenses as it is.
I don't think the average SD or voter knows.
I will say this i am not nor have i been a legislator but they work all year long, meetings, taking calls and working on this adn that for the people, it is not just session time they provide for us South Dakotans!

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