Tony Dean visits Tim Johnson in DC

I hadn't noticed this one until now, but noted South Dakota Outdoor personality (and friend) Tony Dean related the tale of his visit to an ailing Tim Johnson recently. It's all here at Tony Dean Outdoors:
Tim is going through rigorous rehab daily. We had a great visit. Tim has lost weight following surgery, something I think is normal. I know I lost about 30 pounds during my heart valve replacement last May.

Other than that, he looks great. We visited about a variety of things, including his goal of sitting in his Senate seat during the upcoming summer, and knowing Tim and his determination, he might just do that.


I also visited Sen. Thune's office, meeting with Lybnn Tjeerdsma, who left the Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Partnership to work on conservation issues for John. Midway through our meeting, John stepped in and we had a nice visit. I told him I would be seeing Tim that evening, and he said, "Give Tim and Barb my very best."

When I did, Tim's eyes welled up, and he said, "John is sincere, and he's been a good friend."
Read it all here. Good to hear that Senator Johnson continues to improve.


ed said…
so Johnson is plenty healthy to visit with TV fish jocky Tony Dean but THE PRESS CAN'T VISIT?!?!
Anonymous said…
Yet another bolus of hypocrite filth let to drop from the bottom of PPs blog. Turdlike.
Anonymous said…
Hey Ed, when you go down with a heart attack or a stroke or whatever, I hope you'll be letting strangers into your hospital room to take your picture and make insensitive comments.
Anonymous said…
i see the Johnson staffers are posting wildly here. i think many people are past the point of believing their phony assurances but people are too nice to say that, which is how the Demos are exploiting peoples' sympathy
Anonymous said…
Ed / 6:51 -

I'm not a Johnson staffer, but I will say this: you're both morons.

People like you that can't put politics aside and simply be concerned about the welfare of another person are more than pathetic.
Anonymous said…
5:57 this is NOT filth! Jezzz get real.
6:22 if Ed was a public elected official I might be asking the same question that Ed has.
There is nothing wrong asking to see a public official in live media!
Do some of you posters think people are stupid... well i guess you do.
Yea, i want to see and hear something from Johnson NOT his staff, his wife or his kids. I wish him well and a speedy recovery but i feel there is justified concern.
Haggs said…
Thanks for posting this, PP. It's a very nice story and it's great to hear that Johnson continues to improve.

It's also nice to see how close Johnson and Thune are. That's one of the best things about South Dakota. At the end of the day we put aside out differences so we can work together and get along.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Tony Dean is visiting Tim? that's weird
Anonymous said…
It's great to hear that Johnson continues to improve.

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