Do the right thing? Minnesota bans smoking.

They just did it in Minnesota.

Is it time to attempt a total ban on smoking in public places in South Dakota? Even in casinos?

Do we allow adults to make their own choices? Do we allow businesses to make their own choices?

Or do we chip away, yet another freedom at a time?


freeman said…
Oh please can you people stop referring to smoking as a freedom. You can smoke all you want--you just can't smoke in a public place where the vast majority of people present don't smoke and wish you wouldn't.
Anonymous said…
freeman, they are PRIVATE businesses. if we're not careful, it won't be long and the government will have made so many decisions about the way PRIVATE businesses run, the PRIVATES will be regulated to death & the government will take them over.

don't be surprised when it happens. the government controls wages & policies. virtually all that's left is for them to ban private ownership.
Anonymous said…
....AND, PP, casinos are also private places. It's because of misnomers by people who should know better that we are even having this discussion.
VJ said…
The majority of people in South Dakota will support a smoking ban.

I also believe that within a few years we will also see some tight restrictions put on the use of alcohol.

Neither one can come soon enough for the majority of people in South Dakota!
Anonymous said…
...and then they'll come for our guns, VJ. They're doing it in other locales where they've banned smoking.

P.S.--How'd that prohibition thing turn out?
Anonymous said…
I don't understand why this is taking so long to happen.

Why can't it be put on the ballot, or something. I'm confident that 75% of SD residents would vote to ban smoking in any building other than a person's home.

They talk about rights, and freedoms. I can't think of a more basic freedom than being able to breathe.

Smoking is a health hazard. Period.
Why should the general public have to deal with a health hazard, not to mention a huge annoyance, just so some addicted people can have their "rights" protected.

Bar owners say it would hurt their business. Why wouldn't they rather invite the 80% of us who don't smoke into their business, rather than the 20% who don't.

I, for one, go to bars frequently. I guarantee you that my decision on which one, is based primarily on how smoky the atmosphere is.

If the legislature doesn't ban it this year, give me a petition, cause I know the public will.
Anonymous said…
10:46, obviously as somebody so concerned about your well-being, you don't drive your car to the bars. A hell of a lot more people have been killed in automobile accidents than have ever died in any tragic (fabricated) second-hand smoking disasters.

And....10:46, if you think it's so elementary that smoking should be banned, take a look at VJ's comment. VJ shares your contempt for the formerly legal action of smoking....but VJ is coming after your precious alcohol too.

One final thought....when it comes to the point at which the government has finally taken over the responsibility for making all our decisions, thus rendering us completely dependent on Big Brother, who's gonna wipe YOUR ass? For that matter, who will tell you when it's time to shit? (This is to all you pro-government do-gooders.)
Ralph said…
Let's see, the vote to approve the smoking ban was:
81-48 in the House
43-21 in the Senate.

Democrats control both houses of the Minnesota Legislature:
85-49 in the House
44-23 in the Senate.

You tell me what happened!

I have no problem with workplace bans and most public places indoors. But bars? That's one step away from prohibition!
Anonymous said…
Ralphie Boy! The problem with your post is that you, too, fail to recognize that there is a big difference between public indoor places, such as Capitols, courthouses and city halls, versus private enterprises such as bars, resaurants and gas stations that are visited by the public.

Tell Alice hello.
Anonymous said…
For all the businesses who didn't have the Bal** to prohibit smoking themselves and dump[ed it on the government don't start complaining when you loose more and more rights! It should have been the businesses right to decide if they wanted smoking or not and as for the employees it goes the same.Socialism then do you have any idea what follows that!

Stop handing it over to somone else!
Anonymous said…
I have a problem with people chewing gum. It always seems to end up on the ground where someone steps on it, or under a chair or table where I put my finger in it. And sugar gum rots people's teeth. I think we ought to ban gum.

But alcohol is the biggest drain on society. It causes injuries, deaths, leads to spousal abuse, financial problems, work absenteeism, loss of productivity, crimes, breakup of families. Let's make another run at banning alcohol. We can start with places open to the public like bars and restaurants.

And of course guns. Nobody needs guns in this day and age. Unlike the early days of our country, nobody has to hunt to live. Nobody has to guard against rampaging indians. For private citizens, guns are a want - not a need. And guns are dangerous - they are meant to be. Let's ban them! The 2nd amendment didn't say WHAT arms we have the right to bear. We'll allow slingshots, pellet and bb guns still.

Motorcycles are darn dangerous - for riders, passengers and for anyone in a car. You just can't see the darn things. And they're fast. They don't meet our safety regulations for cars. Let's ban them too.
Anonymous said…
Right on, defenders of freedom! Bar owners and restauranteurs should have the right to conduct their business as they wish, since it's private enterprise. For instance, they should be able to allow only white people into their establishment and see where the market takes them.

Restaurants and bars are not private places - they're places of public accomodation. With the hazards of second hand smoke, a ban on smoking in public places (including places of public accomodation), just makes sense. There is no such thing as a right of a smoker to be able to smoke in a bar.
Scott Heidepriem said…
Well, PP, you just implicitly contradicted yourself again.

"Do we allow adults to make their own choices? Do we allow businesses to make their own choices?"

Do we allow adults to consume cannabis? Do we allow businesses to sell it?
Anonymous said…
if 80% of folks wanted to go to smoke free bars, bar owners would ban smoking. To assert that bar owners are doing otherwise is stupid. Since you also say you care so much about which bars have the least smoke, do you know any of the smoke-free bars that are here in SD? Doubt it, you'd rather tell a bar owner how to run his/her business.
This is a public health issue. Smoking kills, it costs all of us in terms of health premiums and tax dollars, and indoor smoking impacts the rights of those who don't smoke (plus it's bad for you). We don't allow public spitting anymore either. Is that a freedom too? Societies advance. This is an advancement. Evolve.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Todd, but I also see the other side: if you don't like smoky bars and restaurants, don't go to smoky bars. Nothing is FORCING you to go to these establishments. Right?
Anonymous said…
10:28, give me your name, and I'll see to it that any business with which I'm associated NEVER serves your dumb ass. As private businesses, we have the right to serve or deny service to anybody who wishes to enter our doors.

Restaurants and bars ARE PRIVATE PLACES. If not, you're going to be hard up for property tax revenues in short order. Keep redefining reality, and pretty quick it'll bite you where you don't want to be bitten.
ralph said…
To Todd Epp

Big Oil gets crucified for funding global warming skeptics. The tobacco companies are accused of concealing the dangers of smoking. So why isn't Big Pharma taken to task for the misleading junk science that would have us believe second hand smoke is killing people?

One such study was largely funded by the Robert Wood Johnson foundation. A little research shows the majority of its funding comes from none other than Johnson and Johnson, the same company that makes nicotine patches, inhalers, nicotine gum, etc.

I support smoking bans in many public places because I find the smell of smoke offensive. But please don't expect me to believe that a little smoke is going to harm my health.
Anonymous said…
let us all accept the fact that we are one step or less away from a police state. Doesn't much matter which party is in power, or perhaps in control is the better way to see it. cradle to grave control by the state. I thought that is what the cold war was all about. We are now the enemy.

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