Congressional buzz afoot. It looks like we might have a race or two on our hands.

Ever since I did the impromptu poll on "which Republican you like in the 2008 Congressional Race," I keep hearing more and more buzz on what's stirring out there for the future of this contest.

What am I hearing?

As you know, PUC Commissioner Dusty bowed out of being a possible in the contest. But at the same time as he was making his decision to say no, I'm hearing that Larry Russell supporters keep bugging him to think about it.

You won't hear about it from the people who talk to the MSM columnists. But a group of Republicans at the grassroot level keep chanting "Larry! Larry!" amongst themselves. Don't be surprised if you see "Draft Russell" posters popping up as you did when Thune first ran for Congress. (And if anyone is interested, I can do T-shirts cheaply - Money whore PP).

Because I consider Larry a friend, if anyone wants to make their own poster, here's a graphic you can use. (Just click on the image to get the full size one). But I get the t-shirt rights, dammit.

I also heard a name that hadn't been on anybody's statewide radar - Sioux Falls City Councilman J. Pat Costello, the 39 year old owner of Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse who just beat former State Treasurer Dave Volk for the council seat. Apparently in Sioux Falls, his name is being bandied about for Congress, and the rumor is that consultant and former SDGOP ED Georgia Hanson has signed on to run the campaign as she did with his city council race. But as I said, it's simply rumor at this point.

Jim Seward's name is brought up, but heard for both Congress and US Senate. As well as being mentioned as a candidate for AG in 2010. One person pointed out to me that a Seward - Senate/Russell - Congress ticket this fall might be one of the strongest challenger fields brought against the Democrats in years. Which gives me an idea for another poll:

Which office do you want to see Jim Seward run for?
U.S. Senate
Attorney General free polls
Let me know what you think, and I'll post the results soon.

In case I forgot to mention it, the talk is still that Joel Dykstra is also looking at either one of the two seats as well. With Joel, as I'm sure it is with the others, much of it depends on whether Herseth is running for the House or the US Senate.

When you think of it, the GOP has one of the strongest potential field of candidates for many years to face off against the Democrats this fall. Usually at this time, we hear reports from the state party that "they've got a couple of possibilities" which remain unnamed.

But this year? It's 2007, and we have at least 4 or 5 with actual game.


Anonymous said…
Shouldn't Larry be in jail?
Anonymous said…
I think you have to commit a crime first. Not that it matters to Democrats.

As long as you're a Dem, you put your "hand on wiene," anytime you feel like it. It's cool. All you have to do is to wait for the hugs from your colleagues.

But if you're a Republican, and someone who works for you screws up, then by cracky, it's time for a hangin'.

Glad to see the Dem double standard is alive and well.
Anonymous said…
whether Seward runs for House or Senate, he will be in Congress. You might need to reword the question.
Ralph said…
These Republicans have game? Larry Russell? J. Pat Costello? Jim Seward? Joel Dykstra?

If you exclude their home turf, I would bet not one of these "gamers" would crack 5% in statewide name ID.
Anonymous said…
If Russell goes in i hope we have it contested!
Anonymous said…
seward came in last in a 4-way state house race. "bring it on" as bush would say.

russell? democrats beg you to nominate him. you thought republicans defected with whalen? slick and unethical doesn't sell in sd.

dykstra? whole lot of nothing there. At least he's got legislative experience.

Costello? who?
Reifelman said…
I have heard this smear attempt before. When did Seward supposedly run for the House and finish fourth in a four-way race? I don't see anything on the SoS website for recent elections. Are you sure it wasn't his father? If you are unsure, please refrain from making accusations.
jimmie said…
I have seen no evidence that Larry Russell has done anything wrong and until someone puts up some proof, I will be supporting him.

My friends and I would love to have some "Draft Russell" bumper stickers. Any out there yet?
lexrex said…
I like seward.

good point, 8:52. "congress" is not a chamber on the opposite side of the senate. it's all congress. the question should ask whether we think he should run for the senate or the house.
scimitar said…
When Seward ran for state house he had signs everywhere. Even had a campaign headquarters. Played himself up as war hero to no avail. Came in last. Worked his ass off - literally. When the campaign was over he had no ass. Luckily, as he looked around for it, it was handed to him.
Anonymous said…
Why do you keep pushing for Dykstra, PP? No one cares about him. If we want one of the Dems' seats, we need someone better than him to run.
Anonymous said…
In an open seat contest, BJ Nesselhuf would whup up on Dykstra.
Rassilon said…
If the Republicans are smart (and I pause for a moment to allow some readers a chance to giggle), they’ll announce a candidate for the US Senate now instead of allowing the D’s to get by without commenting on Johnson’s inability to hold office. The behavior of the Johnson’s camp right looks more and more Castro-esque. If the GOP were to announce a candidate now, it would force Johnson to show that he could either walk or talk.

As for the names mentioned thus far in this blog thread, I’d say that Jim Seward is the most viable. Yes, he ran for a state house seat and came in last. But he was running as an R in 1992, the year Clinton got elected, in District 17 which includes Vermillion and is arguably one of the most Democrat districts in the state. Seward was only 24 at the time. He would have been the youngest person elected to office, turning 25 days before taking office.

But that was then….what has he done since then?

Hmmm,…let’s see…held two terms each as a city council member in Vermillion (evidently there were plenty of locals down there that still liked Jim) and as state’s attorney for Butte County.

I am not a military expert, but if driving a tank on the border with East Germany when Reagan was taking on the Communists doesn’t make you a war hero—then serving in Afghanistan as a JAG officer, ensuring that the rules of war are followed even when the enemy doesn’t adhere to the same rules, certainly does make one a war hero.
Anonymous said…
“he ran for a state house seat and came in last. But he was running as an R in 1992, the year Clinton got elected, in District 17 which includes Vermillion and is arguably one of the most Democrat districts in the state.”

That would be a great argument except for the fact that District 17 had an 8% republican advantage in 1992. It continues to be a republican district today.
Anonymous said…
And besides, being a paper pusher in afghanistan pays about double what butte county states attorneys make - and tax free to boot.
Anonymous said…
Methinks the Demmies are a little scared!
Anonymous said…
Larry Russell: You have to be kidding. Why in the world would the Republicans consider a guy who has been tied to voter improprieties. In addition, the better one knows him the more corrupt one realizes he is. Put me down for running the "Anybody but Larry" campaign.

I am a conservative Republican and I will not support more of what is wrong with politics (win at all cost w/o regard to integrity). South Dakota has a rich heritage of good leaders of great honor (Abdnor, Mickelson, Rounds, McGovern (whose polics I abhor). The mere mention of his name reminds me of Dale Bell and Scott Heidpriem. At least the nightmare of Heidepriem is someone else's problem.
Anonymous said…
Not sure how Rounds fits in anywhere, dude is a joke. Please don't call yourself a conservative republican and speak negatively of Russell in the same breath; just makes zero sense. There is a reason there is so much buzz around him. He was a key piece of Thune's rise to the top, from the beginning. Each time Thune made a jump, there was Larry leading either through grass roots or in some other way. The guy has got "it", I am sorry that you do not see this. I have a feeling you've got Lib tendancies and are trying to cover it up. Maybe that is how Rounds made it in your post as positive?!? DRAFT RUSSELL

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