Bill Janklow goes toe to toe with Anne Hajek

Former Governor Bill Janklow reportedly went toe to toe with Minnehaha County Commissioner Anne Hajek yesterday at the hearing over a proposed Minnehaha county ethanol plant. She initimated that he might have a conflict of interest, and Bill gave it back to her with both barrels:
Janklow said he recently had learned that Hajek and her husband, Douglas Hajek, are both lawyers. Douglas Hajek is a partner with Davenport Evans Hurwitz & Smith in Sioux Falls. Janklow said Douglas Hajek had represented a Wentworth ethanol plant when it split off from the original company. Janklow said her voting on the issue was a conflict of interest.

"Is it illegal? No, it's not illegal, but ... I do think it does raise serious questions that only you have to answer," Janklow said.

Hajek declined to recuse herself from the vote, saying she would not discuss her husband's clients with Janklow and that she did not know all of them.

Hajek said she was concerned about any possible ties Janklow might have to Poet.

"I did raise that issue with you, and I continue to have those concerns," she said.
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Anonymous said…
Boy, talk about bringing a knife to a gun fight. Hajek shouldn't start something she can't finish. Go Bill!
oldguy said…
I miss wild Bill.
Anonymous said…
I don't.
Anonymous said…

Don't tease PP it still looks clear out, when is this storm coming
pdq said…
It is coming. But we aren't looking forward to it.
Anonymous said…
All right, what the heck is it about?!?!!!!
Anonymous said…
It doesn't appear that either Janklow or Hajek have any conflict of interest. It also doesn't look like the county commission has any role in the fight between the ethanol plant and the landowner over property values. Just much ado about nothing.
Anonymous said…
If the commission does then Hajek does have a conflict.

Yep, Bill did get it done. You might not have always agreed with him on every issues but he got the job done and did lots of jobs the voters wanted him to do but then some of them got mad at him for doing it. He did CUT governmental spending at least in mho.

I think a few of you are talking about a different post. I hear it is coming too so hang on. However poting subject matter here is off topic.
Anonymous said…
Dang, just caught a blunder and thought i might be safe to fix it. Most of the time i have to try and enter 2 or 3 times.
I would say this is a glitch not with PP's set-up but within the hosting product company.

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