More on Ted Klaudt rape/sexual assault story

The Argus has the story on their website now, and a few more details:

He faces four counts of second-degree rape involving two girls, according to an arrest warrent and complaint filed this morning in Hughes County Circuit Court.

Two of the rape counts date to March 2005 and a third one involving the same victim is alleged to have occured in January, according to the court records.

A fourth rape count involves a second girl, the records indicate.
Read that here.


Bob Prieksat said…
Hmmmm. Don't imagine he gets much by terms of mutual consent.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
so anyway, in this one scene, Jabba the Hutt was eyeing Princess Leia,
weezer said…
Take a close look at the esteemed Mr. Klaudt. Dare it be uttered that this guy may be a typical South Dakotan male? Although he is alleged to have committed numerous atrocities with teenage girls under his tutelage and care, he insists, at least with regard to the primary victim, that he was just "trying to help her out." He was focused on conducting exams for, of all things, fertility and egg donation. He was apparently concerned about ovulation, fertility, milk production, and "female discharge", apparently convincing these girls that they could not only improve their own financial condition by exploiting their reproductive capacity, but could also possibly help others ("couples") who wanted eggs (presumably to fertilize into a zygote to be implanted somewhere else?).

It cannot easily escape one's attention that this is an individual who readily ponied up to the anti-choice bar to co-sponsor and support HB 1215. While HB1215 is history and has gone to its well-deserved grave, one cannot really avoid thinking about the implications of a bill that would so ham-handedly deal with the issues of rape and incest.

I have no doubt that Klaudt and many, many others like him have a hard time fathoming any harm whatsoever done to these young victims. After all, they weren't virgins. They weren't brutally sodomized. They may not have been saving themselves for marriage. And, by Gosh and by Golly, they may not even have been Christians.

So, all you misogynistic South Dakotans, rest easy because Mr. Klaudt really didn't do these girls any harm and he was just trying to help them out.

Look forward to more legislative action by privileged people (primarily men) in power that will also fail to take any notice of the desperate economic and social circumstances in which young women find themselves in this state.

And where in our public education sex education courses does one find the "home fertility test and egg extraction" procedures??
Lyter said…
What bloated piece of shit.
Anonymous said…
Great post, weezer. Thanks
Napoli said…
"Look forward to more legislative action by privileged people (primarily men) in power that will also fail to take any notice of the desperate economic and social circumstances in which young women find themselves in this state."

Say what you want. At least I'm not Ted Klaudt. Although I wield klaudt.
weezer said…
Of course I'll say what I want and I don't need your permission to do it, Bill!

And what do you mean, "I weild klaudt" ? This is about the dumbest thing I've heard. Such sophisticated political one even more faith in the vast intellectual capabilities of our esteemed legislators.
Anonymous said…
Something smells here. In the first place, the article states that Klaudt is a Christian and a Republican. I find it highly doubtful that someone who fits this description would be capable of dalliancies with these girls. You will notice that the article does not tell us whether the girls are Christian. Is it possible that they are non-Christian, and thus they do not have the moral integrity to tell the truth? Why has this detail not been reported? My guess is that both of these non-Christian girls have made up these falsehoods in order to bring down a man who has worked hard to protect the moral fiber of his constituents. Another hit job by the hit and run media.

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