The Countdown is on
5 days to go

It's 6:15AM, and I can't sleep. Not that my slumber was all that great last night.

A light breeze coming in an open window is very restful and soothing. That is, until you hear someone at your neighbor's, loudly slurring as they sit by by the swimming pool at 2:55AM, "Where did my &%&^% cigarettes go?" Ugh. For some reason, Trailer Park comes to mind, although, I'm sure they wouldn't want that nonsense either.

The joys of being a homeowner. I think I'll be pricing fences this summer. And very tall bushes.

As I laid in bed, tossing and turning, it seems to be sinking in that I'm coming over here. What was once a distant possibility 2 years in the making, is now happening. In 5 more days, I'm here (except to get my stuff).

Just a few sundries are left at the Pierre office of the SDWC. And that other thing. Anyone want to help me move a 12 foot screen printing conveyor/dryer? It can't be more than 6 - 700 pounds.

Anyway, I've always believed that "as one door closes, another will open." And it has.

Since I've announced my departure from Pierre, the well wishers keep calling, and dropping me notes of encouragement (very classy). I had a call this weekend on a position I had expressed interest with, and it looks positive as I keep my fingers crossed (more travel to and from Pierre, but that's ok). A media related side project shows signs of life and seems to be moving slowly forward. I even had an inquiry regarding my blogging that might raise its profile considerably in the SD MSM. (Heh. Heh heh.) THAT could be months down the line, but it could be fun. Very fun.

One of the commenters under a previous post opined that "as I got away from Pierre, my interest in politics and state government" would probably wane. And it could, but I hope not. Even though many, many people outside of our Capitol City could care less what goes on in Pierre, they should. Because it can affect them so deeply. Even mundane decisions by a minor functionary can impact our local economies, or our freedom of speech.

I hope I never stop caring about it because it matters.

7:30 update - I have been joined by a guest for breakfast this mother's day as I let my wife sleep.

I think this is my youngest daughter's 2nd appearance on the blog. Her first was lampooning a statement made in the debate on abortion a while back.

Looking at the cool pirate premium on the back of the box, which you need 5 proofs of purchase for, makes me think of adapting a recent political slogan. "Working together, we can get the pirate prize even faster."


nonnie said…
What a cutie! Speaking of an empty nester, I wish I could have a few of those days back when my kids were trying to get the cereal prizes.
David Newquist said…
Changes keep the faculties sharp and alert and prevent slogging along in the ruts created by human routine.

As for the politics, well it might be nice if they could be elevated a bit. Politics in South Dakota and on most blogs throughout the nation are exercises in who can out-defame who and cast the most insulting and degrading aspersions. (See Folkert on Pelosi today.) When one gets submersed in such, it is easy to forget that real politics are about policies and strategies for building the country, not tearing down people.

People are startled when I point out that truly educated and purposeful people do not indulge in the personal attacks and defamations because they understand how doing so undermines the ethical and moral system it has taken 230 years for this country to build.

All best wishes to you and your family as you contribute more to each others' lives.
Anonymous said…
Unbelievable. David Newquist states "..truly educated and purposeful people do not indulge in the personal attacks and defamations .."

To read personal attacks and defamations by a former college professor go to
Erin said…
I went there. I did not see any of the stuff 3:04 accuses. I think 3:04 makes the point.
Anonymous said…
Erin did you read the following on David Newquist site, "The Bush and regressive answer to any questioning of policy and action is to launch personnel attacks in attempts to discredit those who do not accept the dictates of a regime that is emerging as the new face of fascism."

So Newquist calls the Bush administrative "regressives" and the "new face of facism" and you don't consider this a personal attack or defamation?

How about when Newquist compares our President to Hitler?
Erin said…
No that is not a personal attack or defamation. What I read was a lengthy account of the form fascism takes in the 21st century that makes the case that our politics is regressing back into belief and social systems of the middle ages. You make take offense when the analysis of the kind of thinking that is running through our country is returning us to the ignorance and prejudice of old, but no where did the anlysis resort to personal attack or mere defamation. Citing the malicious tactics of the Bush administratin for assaulting the reputations of other people is a matter of fact, not of personal attack or defamation.

Why don't you buy a good dictionary and get someone to teach you how to use it?
Anonymous said…

I get it. You are okay with David Newquist comparing the President of the United States with Hitler.

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