My political booty from the Dakota Territory Political Button Show

I've been spending the evening moving my big desk, tearing sheetrock on the way by, rebuilding my big desk after I ripped one side off..... You can tell how things have gone this evening. I finally had a moment to take pictures of the items I traded for today at the political button show.

I got this super sweet Chas. H. Burke for U.S. Senator pin. It's absolutely mint with the original paper in the back. Someone has babied this one since the early part of the 1900's when it was issued.

I also picked up this Kirby for Governor pin. I've got a Barnett for Gov pin, and god knows I have all of the Rounds pins issued. But I'd never come across one of these. I traded a "Hunt for State House" pin for this one.

For the Burke pin and the one below, I traded that Will-key pin, as well as a 1940 GOP National Convention Ribbon Badge. And along with that pristine button, look what else I got:

This is one of those items which might just stay in my collection forever. It's a beautiful campaign ribbon - and I like the campaign ribbons. I'll have to get this one framed.

They had stuff like this, and many other items I wished I had some cash for. I spoke today with another member of the group, former State Senator Lee Schoenbeck, and he noted that they may try for another show this fall in Watertown.

If you have any interest in the hobby, or South Dakota history, you owe it to yourself to go. You won't be disappointed.


Anonymous said…
Loosen up my buttons.

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