KCCR News: Klaudt's out. On Bail, that is.

Tony Mangan at Pierre's own KCCR Radio news posted a story today regarding former legislator Klaudt, and how he's back on the street after posting bail:
Former state lawmaker Ted Klaudt left the Hughes County Jail Friday night after posting bond on four second degree rape charges.

A jail employee says she doesn't know when Klaudt left the jail, but Klaudt was in jail for at least three hours. He had to post 10% of a $100,000 bond to get out of jail.

Klaudt is facing a total of 14 charges including 10 counts in Corson County. The charges include eight counts of second dgree rape, two counts of sexual exploitation, two counts of tampering with a witness and one count each of stalking and sexual contact with a child under the age of 16.

Klaudt was released on a personal recognizance bond in Deadwood and his legal representative, Platte attorney and Speaker of the House Thomas Deadrick, asked for the same bond in Pierre Friday night, saying the Attorney General's office, which filed the charges, had agreed to that. But Magistrate Judge Mark Smith ordered the higher bond saying that Klaudt posed a threat to the public.
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Anonymous said…
WOW, Really i think he should be sitting in jail.
Considering the factors makes me go humm.
I am not a judge nor a lawyer but...
Guess we save the tax payers huh.

sorry for being snide.
Anonymous said…
Maybe he raised the money selling eggs.
Anonymous said…
It was inevitable that he made bail, in the Corson County matter at any rate. Good thing Judge Smith set a higher and non-concurrent bond to keep this creep off the streets.
Anonymous said…
I knew an old lady from Corson county who used to sell eggs, but I think they were a different kind.
Anonymous said…
That's all right, 3:24 p.m., to be snide, the very thought of that repulsive man out and free is making me sick.

They should have posted his bond higher so he had to stay in jail.

As I understand it, those poor girls couldn't go home or didn't have a home to go to and they were placed in the home of this pervert.
Just looking at that self righteous bastard makes my skin crawl.

The SD penitentiary is not a good enough punishment; or maybe it is if he isn't placed in solitary confinement. The guys there might make it pretty miserable for him. We can only hope.
Anonymous said…
Okay,my mistake:

He is in jail in Hughes county!

The snide part was about saving the tax payers money!

He is where he should be!
Anonymous said…
Okay now he is out again on 10% of his set bail.

I am surprised that he was set free with the amount of charges against him!
nicholas Nemec said…
This whole thing is so sad. All I can think about is those poor girls being stalked and tricked by this sick, manipulative, public servant.

I've always wondered what some of these guys meant when they repeated the standard "supports family values" and "defend marriage" mantras. Apparently it means nothing. In the case of Ted Klaudt those are some twisted "family values". I'll defend my own marriage why don't you just worry about yours. It appears it might be rotten on the inside behind that self-righteous facade.
Anonymous said…
The Speaker of the House is actively working to keep this sick pervert out on the streets.

What kind of bizarro world are we living in?

I understand loyalty to your party, and loyalty to your friends, but this is sickening.
been there said…
Makes me think of the phrase "if you lie down with dogs you'll catch fleas." Having served in the legislature with Ted, I always liked him, he was so good-natured and down-to-earth. But, there were often comments heard of "going to the Hopscotch" (the strippers bar in Ft. Pierre-which I have never stepped foot into). If that's where he spent most of his evenings (I seldom saw him at the evening socials) no doubt many ideas went through his head after 8 sessions in Pierre. Also, he seemed to always be somewhat of a voyeur, knowing who had slept with whom over the years. And there was the alledged "peanut caucus" at Ted's place where supposedly this sort of thing was talked about. (I never went and was never invited.)
Anonymous said…
Now that Ted's on the loose, is he using his legislative klaudt to seek favors from his friends?
Just wondering.

What Republican friend of Ted's posted bail to spring him?

What did Gov. Rounds' Department of Social Services know and when did it know it about Klaudt's "activities" with his foster children?

What steps are being taken to protect the foster children currently in the Klaudt's "care"?
been there-

So, why didn't re dime Klaudt to the legislative leadership if you knew all this was going on about him? It might have saved Klaudt from himself and saved these young girl horrible trauma.
Oops, "Why didn't YOU dime Klaudt. . . "
Double oops. ". . . these young GIRLS. . ."
Funny. Not a single post on Sibby Online about Ted Klaudt's "problems." It's just something that makes you want to go "hmmm."

Give Republican PP props for having the ya-yas to take this on in his blog.
Anonymous said…
Maybe Sibby's feeling Ted's klaudt.
Anonymous said…
Just hang him, right. why bother with a trial. maybe the hanging could take place in the house chamber during session.
Anonymous said…
Todd Epp - I think the complaint and the news accounts indicate that the State first learned about this early in the year, stopped assigning foster children to the Klaudts, and began their investigation. I don't think you can credibly argue that there was a coverup - of course why credibly state anything when you can accuse by implication?
Anonymous said…
It just makes me absolutly sick to my stomach knowing that he got out on bail. Who the heck would want him roaming the streets again after what he did to those girls?
I know I wouldn't. He should sit there and rot. And to think..I talked to this man and he always has something sick or stupid to say.
Anonymous said…
I am just waiting to hear Ted's this is "why I did it" or "it's not my fault i was".

Will this lead to a mentally unstable defense.

Though I want justice to prevail and he deserves a fair trial... it seems to me that he has said he is guilty. What was it.. yes i did somthings i probably shouldn't have. This statement will if I quoted right will be an issue.

1. What do the rest of you think?
2. Is it really best to discuss this in an open forum? I am not to sure.
been there said…
epp, so I was supposed to go to leadership and tell them that I overheard that Ted was at a strip bar?? He was of age, you know, and for all I knew other reps, including leadership, could have been there ,too. I never heard of anything illegal, and I had no first-hand knowledge of anything. I served with Ted before(not during)the time he had foster girls as pages.
Nicholas Nemec said…
11:12 "Been there"

I served in the SD House prior to the time Klaudt did. While I was never in leadership, a good caucus leader, a smart caucus leader, would have told Klaudt to knock off the strip bar attendance. That kind of behavior while legal is not acceptable from an elected official and endangers the reputation of his party. Had he lived in a district where party registration numbers were closer to even strip club attendance would have guaranteed non-reelection. But, being from a GOP super majority district Klaudt had nothing to fear and his alleged behavior proves it.
Anonymous said…
Todd Epp,

I have a question that needs answering. Ryan Maher (Ted's opponent) was quoted in the Argus saying there were rumors during the campaign about this. He said that they wanted to keep the election clean so nothing came of it. Don't you think that Mr. Maher had a responsibility to investigate those kinds of claims? If you are going to represent that district and you hear "rumors" you better figure that out and not dismiss it as "bar talk" For all I know Klaudt could have been defeated because of those rumors.
I know you don't like Rounds or Republicans for that matter but if you think that the administration knew something and didn't act, you are nuts. It's no secret that Klaudt didn't get along with the Rounds Administration and I am sure there was zero hesitation acting on this.
Most of the elected Dems are being very respectful of the situation and I give them a lot of credit so I would hope you could follow their lead and stop with the generalized negative comments about Republicans.
Anonymous said…
After being gone for the weekend, and catching up on the blogs, it does seem rather obvious that Epp is trying harder than anyone else to politicize this.

Lawyer mentality, I guess.
Anonymous said…
as a former lobbyist, i can say that i'm quite disturbed by the whole thing.

i never really needed to lobby ted because he was always so dependable, including on the bigger moral issues.

i even invited him once to speak at one of our family policy council dinners. i spoke highly of him when talking to others. he was one of my favorites.

i know we have to wait to see if these charges are true, but i can't help but feel betrayed and used, already. and angry for what he allegedly did to those girls.

but as angry as i am, i can completely respect tom deadrick for representing him. he still deserves a fair trial.

Anonymous said…

I wonder if Klaudt call Diedrick or Diedrick went to him. I am not sure it was a wise move as a house member and the speaker?
Ted does deserve a fair trial. Has Tom D. always been the Klaudt's lawyer maybe that is the answer. I have no clue. Guess if he was or is he doesn't owe us the answer but as speaker maybe he does. Does this create a conflict? highly likely maybe..
been there said…
Nic, you say "being from a GOP super majority district, Ted had nothing to fear" ?? Didn't you know he just got beat by a Dem? Of course it was the whole district now,for the Senate, not just the gerrymandered north half House district. And Todd Epp, if a conservative pro-life republican had complained about a liberal pro-choice democrat going to strip-bars, wouldn't you, and your ilk, be the first to scream "censorship, thought police, bedroom police, morality police, hypocrites, he without sin should cast the first stone, etc"??
Anonymous said…
The South Dakota House Speaker Thomas Deadrick should not be defending a "close friend" charged with eight counts of rape, two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, two counts of witness tampering, sexual contact with a person under 16, and stalking. I don't care if is a close friend, he just shouldn't do it. Let Klaudt get another great lawyer. The House Speaker should not be defending him.
Anonymous said…
11:59, i don't think it really matters. i understand there may be a slight perception problem, but this is not comparable to the hastert-foley situation, as another poster said.

being a congressman is a full time job. the only congressman that i know of who kept his job while in office was tom coburn. but i believe the senate passed a rule barring him from doing so.

in this case, deadrick's vocation is being a lawyer. his avocation is house speaker. he's only doing what he does. i wouldn't be so hard on him.


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