New Tim Johnson Photo Released

No sooner do I mention that Senator Tim Johnson is taking visitors in DC, than his office releases another photo. (Yes, Hat tip to the Argus).

This time, it's a photo of Senator Johnson undergoing rehabilitative services.


I wanted to add a little more to this, because I think this photo is worth noting. I griped in the past that some of the press coming out of the Senator's office seemed pretty selective, and to a degree, staged. But this photo is different. This photo is what I think they've been lacking up until now. It comes off as honest, and allows us to make our own assessment.


Anonymous said…
How long till Nonnie makes an obnoxious comment about Johnson not representing South Dakotans? I give it two hours, tops.
Anonymous said…
No matter the politics, he's still a South Dakotan. As long as he's improving his daily life. And he definately looks to be doing better. I did not vote for him, but do appeciate his service. And I am glad to get to see him on his feet again.
Anonymous said…
Okay folks I am glad that he is improving but he has in my opinion a very, very, long way to go!!!!!
His right side is very weak.
Don't expect him to be on the senate floor or in his office soon. If and I say "IF" in the future he is in his senate office I bet he WILL NOT take meetings nor will he meet with the general population.
I really think we can count on this.
Anonymous said…
that's right, anon 7:45, you need to be symmetrically balanced between right and left to be a good Senator. so long as Johnson is weaker on one side, we won't be getting adequate representation in DC. I say impeach him.
Anonymous said…
8:18, That is not what i am saying and you know it!
Don't add to my post!
He is an elected official and we as the voters have a right to ask and to keep prompting for a live media event it is not as if we are asking him to stand hold a major press conference with a 10 minute speech!
Anonymous said…
8:18 p
7:45 is talking about his health issue not how you are trying to SPIN it!
Anonymous said…
It's good to see Senator Johnson making progress.

However, I can see why some complain that he is not making the kind of recovery his staff and family wish he was making.

This picture and previously published pictures only show the Senator is able to use his left arm and left leg. This photo and the previous photos give no indication that Senator Johnson's right side has any strength whatsoever.

This photo shows he can stand on his left leg, with assistance, but can he walk?
Lee Schoenbeck said…
You know some of these comments are pretty strange. The guy has been a public servant for South DAkota for three decades, he has had a terrible personal health event, and he is working hard on his rehab. Which appendage is stronger or weaker seems relatively irrelevant. It's great to see the picture and see that he is making progress, but some of the comments are unnecessary political spin - we can all see the picture. Wish him and his family well and recognize some boundaries on fair comments - that kind of personal health tragedy could happen to any one of your families- walk in those shoes a minute
Anonymous said…
How many years did Karl Mundt serve in a semi-comotose state without being able to talk coherenly or vote? Tim is already better than Karl at his best.
nicholas Nemec said…
Thanks Lee. You said it better than I could.
Anonymous said…
Good for Tim, I'm glad he's making progress. However, posed photos prove nothing. South Dakotans won't get the real truth until until his staffers let a TV crew do an interview with the senator.

And anon 11:24, a non-functioning senator was wrong back when Karl Mundt fell ill, just like it's wrong with Johnson now.

I want my senator representing me and voting for South Dakota. We didn't elect his staffers.
Anonymous said…
It's great to see that Johnson continues to improve.
Anonymous said…
Lee, the comments are not strange people wish him well and the tax payers have the right to know.

Sure there are those who are making it a political game. However, he is an elected public official and in as much the right to know is part of it.

I would say at least people (some) are being honest so give them credit. This is called involvement something both parties want from the base.

I also would say that the Republicans should have their candidate to run against Johnson or the Dems regardless it does not mean people are trampling over his illness finding a candidate is what the party is supposed to do.

By the way I really wonder if it is really Lee S. who is blogging?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous. Some of us are wondering if that's really you blogging here too. I guess we'll never know.
Douglas said…
Johnson should not be replaced because of his health, but because he voted for the Bush War powers and the bankers' and credit card companies bankruptcy laws. Thune shares the same tainted political heritage as far as I know and probably so does Herseth-Sandlin.

Those votes are so bad because they either require a level of ignorance or expediency that should disqualify all of them from public office forever.

3000 US soldiers have already died in Iraq in the name of oil and political expediency and cupidity. Perhaps 70,000 Iraqis have died for little if any reason.

The US has squandered enough billions to by now probably replace half of imported petroleum with windpower generated energy and chemicals.

There is no good excuse for either Republicans or Democrats supporting Bush demands for unitary powers when they were all warned by Sen. Robert Byrd of the constitutional problems and damage they would do.

Now we have the horrid mess in Iraq and the story is finally spilling out in DC of the machinations in the Justice Department by Gonzalez in an attempt to push restrictions on constitutional rights that Ashcroft and others opposed for valid reasons.

All the s*** has not yet hit the fan. More of the putrid product of the Thune, Johnson, and Herseth ..and also Daschle votes will be hitting us for years to come.

Some political actions warrant a forgive and forget mindset. The votes for the Bush Iraq war are unforgiveahle.

On the other hand, there is probably nothing Johnson could have done to prevent his current health situation. If nothing else comes out of this, I hope he will realize how lucky he was to have the medical care he got as a consequence of being a US Senator and how unlucky many of his constituents would be in such a comparable health situation.

That is one hope. Even Janklow decided some health problems were not the fault of the victims after those problems hit him. Surely Johnson can use his experience as the basis for strong support of single payer insurance absent Golden parachutes and million or billion a year salaries for insurance and health maintenance organization executive salaries.

Don't hold your breath however.

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