4 People to watch in South Dakota politics in 2007

Just to give you a little insight into my thinking, here’s a brief list of people who I’m keeping an eye on in 2007 because of how they might (and I expect will) affect South Dakota’s political scene during the new year:

1. Representative Elect Russ Olson

Many Republicans (including myself) wondered if Russ going solo against Gerry Lange and Dave Gassman was such a good idea. Every time people exercised both of their votes, they could cast one vote for him, and one against him. It just didn’t matter. Russ took the legislative seat away from Gerry Lange.

But don’t keep an eye on Russ for that reason. Keep an eye on Russ because he’s the favored candidate to replace Dan Sutton in the State Senate.

As I’ve noted previously, after Sutton resigns or is expelled, Russ will likely be the favorite to fill that seat. And that will put him in the unique position of serving as the defacto leader in a renewed “republicanizing” of the Madison legislative district, going from zero GOP legislators last year to 2 before summer after Sutton resigns/is

2. Former Representative Ted Klaudt

You might be thinking “Didn’t Ted lose to Ryan Maher?” Well yes, that is correct. But don’t look at him for his recent loss. Look at him for what else he has going on.

Ted runs the South Dakota Conservative PAC, which just completed its second election cycle and is still handing out money to conservative candidates. This PAC, which originally started back in 2004, might not have been terribly active to date, but there have been rumblings that the organization might get more serious about a mission of conservative activism.

With conservatives feeling a bit shut out after this election, and Ted having more
time on his hands, you might see this organization become more politically aggressive as the moderates did through Stan Adelstein’s MAINstream coalition.

3. Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth

With Tim Johnson’s recent medical troubles, aside from everyone wishing him a speedy recovery, the spotlight is shifting to whether or not he’ll run again in 2008. I’m guessing the answer will be no. And this puts Herseth in the driver's seat for the

If it’s going to happen, I suspect we’ll hear more serious rumblings about it around the end of 2007.

4. House Majority Leader Larry Rhoden

It used to be that the Senate was the conservative wing of the legislature. But with the recent shift to a more moderate culture in that chamber, it signaled that the House is probably going to be where the whimsy of moderates expressed via legislation goes to die.

And why wouldn’t it? Larry is a West River conservative leading such other conservatives as Roger Hunt, Tom Hackl, Gordon Howie, Al Novstrup, Betty Olson, Hal Wick, and several others. When you sit down and put pencil to paper, the House is where the rubber meets the road this year for conservatives. And accordingly, you’ll see more House members in the spotlight for it (for better or worse).

And Larry will bear their standard as they march into battle.

I'm driving back to Pierre this afternoon, so as I have my weekly contemplation time, I'll see if I can add to this list before the day is done.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said…

Um, what about Sen. Scott Heidepriem? Former GOPer, now leader of the state senate Dems, possible candidate for higher office, big agenda ranging from Sutton to schools?

Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Maybe his name will come to you during the drive across US 14 to Pierre. (grin)

I kid because I love. Happy New Year, buddy! Hope this is a great year for you, your family, and your blog.

S.D. Watch
Anonymous said…

You really need to look past your favortism and pay some attention to the new crop of leaders in the legislature.

To start, take a look at who is in the driver seats in both chambers.

The leadership on both sides of the aisle which includes whips and committee chairs.
Anonymous said…
Larry Rhoden took Hal Wick off the tax committee and reassigned a bunch of republican lightweights to take over the committee chairmanships.

If reason and common-sense conservatism are to take hold in the state capitol it won't be under Rhoden's watch.

He assigned the rinos to those committees so that they can raise taxes by getting rid of the 150% taxation rule without actually calling it a tax increase.

Our current Republican leadership team is doing everything in their power to place the GOP in the minority.
Anonymous said…
What's the scoop with Betty Olson's legislative profile? She has a fax number in Eureka, Nevada?

Anonymous said…
And our Republican governor support's Rhoden and Knudson 100% because they will do what it takes to give him more money to spend!

Knudson and Rhoden are two guys who the taxpayers should keep their eyes on while keeping their hands on their pocketbooks.
Anonymous said…
For the fun of it, take a look at the campaign finance reports for legislative district 8.

Russ Olson raised and spent $31,600 as opposed to Dave Gassman's $3,100 and Gerry Lange's $5,200. My God what an effort for a non-incumbent! And Russ didn't have to dip into his own piggy bank to do it. When you can outspend your opponents 10/1 and 6/1, it's no wonder he came out on top.

If Russ applies only 1/2 that effort in the legislature he'll do fine.
Anonymous said…
All right. Here’s a few predictions based on PP’s short list of political folks to watch:

• Stephanie Herseth – Stop the Google! She’s running in ’08. Take this one to the bank, baby! You will find her name on the ballot again.

• Larry Rhoden – That sound you hear is the big door slamming shut on the asses of ConINOs (Conservatives in Name Only) like Larry the former moderate turned pseudo-conservative, praying that someone would see the value of the huge voting base found in Red Owl, Union Center and Bullhead and make him a star. Yep, this rocket’s ready for anything … ‘cept the Taliban Wing of the Republican Party will not be taken seriously in SoDak for another decade, maybe longer. Sorry Larry. You jumped on the wrong horse. Happy trails. And if you run for statewide office, just remember to wave to the traffic on Minnesota Avenue in your drugstore cowboy git-up. It worked for that Roads scholar Jarrod Johnson. Maybe lightning can strike twice. You da man, Larry!

• Russ Olson – This is the new Chauncey Gardner (most of you know which movie, but in case some don’t, it’s “Being There,” a political classic. Run down to the video rental today and pick it up to put a groovy slant on the new year). Russ will serve one term, and then it’s buh-bye. Voters only thought it was time for a fresh face, a la Peggy Cruse and Jacquie Kelly in Pierre. Nothing personal, but don’t make big plans for your desk in Pierre, Russ.

• Ted Klaudt – Your future is in outer space. You will either qualify to serve as the 9th planet since Pluto was demoted, or you’ll appear in the next Star Wars episode as the son of Jabba the Hut. Do I hear a “Yaaahuuuwaaaayooooo (burp!) Jedi Sky-walker!”

Back with more.
Anonymous said…

You need to own up and strut your stuff now, because you just opened a can of. Now I want a reply, who do you think you are to say that after Sutton resigns or is expelled Olson wil take his place. You DO NOT KNOW if Sutton will expelled or even if Sutton will resign. Now I know Dan on a very personal level and although I can not say what he is thinking, I can say that if he were to fight this, as long as both sides are prosecuted and heard, he would come out of it ok. I normally have no problem with your oppinions, they normally help keep me a more conservative liberal(sorry for the oxymoron, but it is the best way to describe it) and I appreciate that, but you can not say that Sutton WILL be expelled or he WILL resign, because nobody knows what WILL happen. All that I ask is the next time you make a post do not guaruntee a result unless you are positive it will happen, because if it doesn't then you should own up to your oppinion, which is all I am asking, because that is something you MAY end up having to do with this post.

I hope you have a happy and productive 2007.

P.S. A great resolution would be to become more liberal.
Anonymous said…

Whoa there Lee Harvey. It's PP's blog... if you've been reading, much of his postings are opinion. So calm down. Plus, he's probably closer to reality than you.

Having said that, I laugh and gasp at the idea that Ted Klaudt is one to watch in 2007. The key to a successful PAC is the ability to raise money. My bet is that Klaudt's PAC will go belly up by year's end due to lack of contributions. Heck, he only made $1500 in contributions during the '06 general election from the PAC... all to the usual suspects.
PP said…
Guys, to answer my detractors....

I'm not just pulling this out of my rear end when I say that Ted's PAC may start to kick into gear.

Conservatives are P.O.'d, and as an established PAC, it's a natural magnet. It was put into place by Klaudt, Apa, Napoli, and several others to counteract Stan Adelstein. Despite the fact it doesn't have reams of cash, it does have a board of directors who are likely going to be more active.

It's not outside of the realm of possibility (and I've heard it's being looked at) to get it kicked into gear. "Pooh pooh it" all you want, but there's more going on than what you read in papers.

And as for dawg and anon 4:50, Russ is the real deal, and well thought of all the way up the political food chain in SD. As to the other, while it may be my opinion, I think I'm pretty safe in believing that Sutton is not going to survive the hearing (if he makes it that far).

Allegations of groping aside, do you think he's going to just get a slap on the wrist when he's asked about sleeping in the same bed as an employee who happens to be an 18 year old high school boy?

You can bet the bank that the descriptions that the boy's atty (Bill Janklow)will provide are going to horrify most South Dakotans.

If a businessman shared a bed with his 18 year old female intern, regardless of hanky panky, it's a good bet that he would not be at that place of business much longer.

It wasn't just a Republican leader asking him to resign - I have it on very good authority that the Dems did as well.
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry PP, but there is obviously quite a bit of information on the Austin Wiese-Dan Sutton deal that you either don’t know or are afraid to print. I think that if and when this hearing takes place, there will be a lot of dirty laundry aired on both the Sutton and Wiese sides. However, I GUARANTEE that the Wiese's will look worse than Dan or any of the Sutton's will.
Anonymous said…
Anon 6:50

So...what's wrong with that?

Crazy Dawg

Klaudt's health may cause him to pop, or implode, sooner rather than later.
Anonymous said…
Russ Olson would have to be well thought of to finagle over $10,000 for his campaign from the State Republican Party.

Just the amount the PARTY spent on his race was more than THE TOTAL spent by Dave Gassman and Gerry Lange COMBINED. It was like the US taking on Iraq.

Not very many candidates this year can claim "full-buy-in" by the Republican Party. Many got by with token support.
Anonymous said…
Ted's PAC must be older than 2006 if it's been through 2 election cycles.
Anonymous said…
PP-- You are always whining and crying about the Argus Leader being bias...what about you. The way you have handled the Sutton deal on this blog has been HORRIBLE! You are the most biased of anyone I know. I don't want to hear about the Argus Leader anymore!!
PP said…
A couple of you anons are going too far over the line into libelous territory, so you'll find your posts deleted.

Unless #1, you use your real names, and #2 you have documented evidence to back up your claims, then don't bother to type it.

It's ok to say you don't like someone, but if you're going to call them a pervert or a pedophile, or what have you, that's a different thing entirely.

The Sutton matter is a slightly different deal as the principals involved have been releasing information, as well as documented information coming out through official channels.

You'll note that I didn't touch that story until I had paper in hand.
PP said…
Including some libelous stuff, Anon asks:

"What you wont post stuff on your website that IS the truth? Anything bad said about Russ Olson is taken off even if it is the truth. Trust me I could get quite a few people to verify my story."

Because absent identifying yourself and providing documented evidence, you're as likely to be a 50 year old man making these accusations.

If you wouldn't write it in a letter to the editor, it doesn't belong here either.

This website might provide some anonymity in expressing your opinion, but it needs to remain as opinion and not delve into accusing someone of improper acts without the benefit of them to refute their accuser based on their actual identity.
PP said…
Anon, in response to another one of your deleted posts...

In the case of something you're trying to set forth as factual... no name, no evidence, no post.

It's not that difficult of a concept.
Anonymous said…
Ok...so anonymous that had the postings pertaining to Russ Olson. Just start your posts with it is in my opinion....then we'll see if pp delete's your posts...I for one think they were quite funny. I also think they happened to be very truthful posts...in my opinion that is (hehe)
Anonymous said…
They probably won't use a real name because they know that Russ would sue the hell out of them.

Time to turn on IP address tracking (or PP, did you do that already?).
Anonymous said…
No, I wont get sued because Russ Olson KNOWS what I am saying is TRUE!
Anonymous said…
mjb...why you gotta be a hater...ruin a festive and interesting conversation...I was finding it quite humorous and you had to go and scare everyone away...no one wants to slander anymore...thanks alot...I enjoyed the national enquierer type postings....I was laughing my a#$ off!! Of course, you'd have to know Russ Olson to know what was so funny about it all!! (In my opinion)
PP said…
5:11, No it's not ok. Because you're still basing it on a premise which you have yet to document.

I don't see any evidence that he drinks. You're presenting no evidence other than your say so that he "hit on" girls at some point in the distant past. Oh - care to prove he was at this mysterious dance, on such and such a date?

And most of all, you're still anonymous, so as I've said before, all I know is that you could be a 50 year old man who happens to be a political opponent.

You claim to have a masters degree, so I'm assuming you've written a thesis. Weren't you required to document your assertions, or did they say "it doesn't matter as long as you said so?" Regardless, I'll bet they wanted your name on it when you turned it in.

You have yet to do that as well.

I've required no less of a burden of proof when someone has made questionable allegations against Herseth or Stan Adelstein, 2 people who I've taken after on occasion.

Don't like it? Sorry, but that's the way it is here.

If you don't like it, you're welcome to start your own weblog.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said...

And, PP-

Denny Wiese made allegations that Dan Sutton groped his son (second hand information) to the leaders in the Senate and poof you post second hand allegations. At least my allegations (which I can assure you are true) are first hand allegations.

[Redacted by pp]

And, may I point out that this is really all the evidence that the Wiese's have (Austin saying it happened).

There isnt any proof that Dan Sutton groped Austin Wiese is there?

Also, I am sure that law enforcement would not be too apt to investigate something that happened to a long time ago. I'm just saying Russ isnt the frickin golden child that you are trying to make him out to be.
PP said…
Anon -

I'm reposting the second part of your argument, with the questionable information redacted, because at least that part is an argument/opinion as opposed to an allegation.

But to respond on the Sutton allegations, what I and everyone else are reporting on is the fact that there are allegations, and what they are.

In that case - unlike your unproven allegations - you have someone who is publicly standing behind the testimony in the light of day, as opposed to hiding behind a pseudonym.

In addition, much of it HAS been investigated by Law enforcement, with witnesses to various parts of his story. From you, we're getting some anonymous uncorroborated tale.

Think I'm being harsh? Anonymously E-mail the Madison Daily Leader with your tale and see how far you get. I'd be willing to bet that this response here is far more than you'd receive because you have yet to meet a burden of proof other than your simple say so.

It would be like me saying you're a 50 year old flatulent man.

I have no documentation of that fact, nor any indication it's based in reality. It's just my say so - no more and no less than your tale is to this point.
PP said…
And anon, even at 5:52. you're still anonymous, and still provide no documentation.

so it's gone.
Anonymous said…

I guess I can understand why you are deleting stuff (even though it is true), but...how in the heck is someone supposed to PROVE it happened? How are they supposed to prove he was at the Egan street dance? Or that he did what they are claiming?

Its not like the poster is claiming rape or any other extremely serious accusation. They are claiming that he acted inappropriately. Period. And, may I note that this happened years before running for the House.

And, PP- I am sure that if you really want to find out if this is true, you will. You just dont want to. The poster cant really give you any more information than they already have. Im sure they dont have it video taped or a picture proving it occurred.

I just dont know how they are supposed to prove it.
PP said…
Well, that's the dilemma we all face.

I heard about the Sutton thing back in April, just like the rest of the media did.

And guess what - EVERYONE had to sit on it until there was written documentation of an investigation.
Anonymous said…
Don't you worry PP, Russ will trip over his own shoe laces...it's only a matter of time!! I agree with the other anonymous poster...he is FAR from a golden child....believe me!!!
Anonymous said…

I was busy over new years, but you told me to be able to back up the information that I post and if I was legally allowed to use my real name, I could tell you how close I really am to this situation and then you would know that everything I type is truthful. I would really like to use my name but I know that the reprocussions would be bad. The one thing that I will say with 100% certainty is that if BOTH sides are heard, Sutton will come out and that will make no difference even if Janklow is prosecuting, because his job is to protect the rights of the page, not to prosecute Sutton. So if you think I am wrong you can talk to Dan's laywers or himself, because as of this morning, I did.

Anon 4:50
Anonymous said…
Ok--PP. Were you deleting other stuff yesterday in your deleting frenzy or what?? I don't even see an anonymous 4:50. What were the contents of that post? You really were having a hey day with that delete button yesterday weren't you??? Oh and yes...Sutton will be just fine as long as he is treated fairly, which at this point watching the circus all of these months, I highly doubt...too many people have already convicted the poor guy...including YOU!!!
Anonymous said…
The post 4:50PM is there, just look a little bit harder because it is there, I just read it again. It is towards that top middle of the page and it is a good post.
Anonymous said…
ah...yes...sneaky little bugger that 4:50 post..do you know I went up and down like 3 times and just finally found it...maybe I need my eyes checked he he. Yes it is a good post and I say AMEN BROTHER!! Dan Sutton Rules!! (In my opinion)
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the support anon 9:28, at least you are not likr many other people who diss on the students of Flandreau Public, which may be the most interesting school in the state of SD. And yes of course, Sutton does rule (in our oppinions).

Anon 4:50
Anonymous said…
Ok..so I'm not dissing on all people from Flandreau Public especially us very bright alumni...just those of you that are left behind and run a computer like kloucek...I still say we need a better spelling teacher at Flandreau High, Obvisoly the one I had retired! Oh ya, and I'm the same person that is dissing your spelling and saying Sutton Rules...Olson drools!! (In my Opinion...notice spelled with one P)
Anonymous said…
Sorry about the allegation that Russ Olson drools...I can't PROVE it...I just thought it was a little humor in light of the scolding yesterday pertaining to something with Russ Olson.
Anonymous said…
To ask you a question then who was your spelling teacher, because if it was Janna, she is still hear. But who cares, they don't teach us to spell with these gosh darned computer thingy mijjigys, they just tell us that these computers will be the solution to all of our problems, when it really may be the begining of the end.
Anonymous said…
Then I suggest you learn how to run the spell check..it will take you a lot farther in college. People that don't write things with correct grammar and spelling are discredited and thought of as uneducated...even though I'm sure you are very bright. I’m just teasing you...spelling and grammar are important though. Seriously!!
Anonymous said…
OH, and yes Janna was my teacher and a fine one at that...you should listen to her a little closer I think. She's a smart cookie!! I was WAY before the time of computers in all classrooms though...I'm old!
Anonymous said…
I attended a candidates forum in October where both Dan and Russ were present, and I saw no evidence of Russ drooling, although it is possible he drooled prior to, or following the discussion.

PP, you claim to have it that some dem leaders have asked Sutton to step down. By your new-found and evolving set of cyber ethics, please document your source or identify the dem leaders in question. I'm certain that you won't. Give us a look behind the curtain, or is there a different set of rules for the all powerful and all knowing postmaster general. If there is, that's fine, just admit it.

Also, as you've recently stated, you are not a newspaper, so don't try and run for cover under what you believe to be MSM rule for letters to the editor.

And to 4:50 or whoever opened this can, flirting with girls at street dances is a long and proud SD tradition. It does make one wonder though, what in the h-e-double toothpicks is in that Moody County water? Wild Bill, Dan, Dennis, Russ - try some bottled water
Anonymous said…
10:46...that is hilarious...GREAT sense of humor!!
Anonymous said…
Well, I am in class with Mrs. E right now and we are working on our vocabulary skills, so I will diligently try to correct the errors of my spelling. Also she say hi to who ever you are (please reamain anon, for I will).

Also the dihydrogen monoxide in Moody County is just fine. (maybe that means I have drank too much)
Anonymous said…
10:46 said:

Thank you 10:55. I'll be appearing at the Royal River Casino this Saturday right after the puppet show and spelling bee.
Anonymous said…
1:01 I really like you...for that I will pay a a trillion dollars and pull up a front row seat...right after I order my bottled water for the show! And watch my Akeelah and the Bee DVD!!
Anonymous said…
12:02 also tell Mrs. E hi and I am glad you will brush up on your grammar and spelling skills...I'm proud of you for that!! take care.
Dan Sutton Rules (in my opinion)!!
Anonymous said…
Anon 1:33

I told Mrs. E hi and I have another mainstay teacher in the dihard conservative Fodness and I will be quarrelling with him all period.
Anonymous said…
yikes...The Fodd-meister, oh how I don't envy you. JK...he's also a wonderful teacher!
Anonymous said…
I am getting lucky, he is off of his political soapbox and is lecturing us about the roaring 20's and his favorite type of music jazz. We will be spending class listening to Jesse Dixon, Elvis Presly, Louie Armstrong, and Duke Ellington. So today is an easy day, for as all the FHS alumni know even though his class is fun, it does have a political biast. All the better makes arguments fun.
Anonymous said…

Your just biased because Russ Olson obviously paid for advertising space on your website. Its really annoying to stare at his face everytime I visit the site. How much money would it take to permanently remove it and replace it with someone else's?
Anonymous said…

Do you get the privilege of watching The Great Gatsby? Do Fodness and Ellingson still show that movie?
PP said…
Anon 3:56,

actually, that's not a paid ad. It's just one of the political faces I have up, and rotate in and out from time to time.
Anonymous said…

You didnt answer the second part of my question. How much money would it take to permanently remove Russ Olsons face and replace it with someone else's?
Anonymous said…
3:59, Sorry to say, but as of date Fodness and Ellingson will not be showing that movie. Technology has durastically changes the FHS curiculum.
Anonymous said…
yeah pp...maybe we can have a beg button to remove Russ Olson's cheezy picture from your site FOREVER!! wishful thinking I suppose???? Any takers??
PP said…
It's $50 a month for a rotating banner ad, (as one of them says) but that only guarantees your space up top (linked to your website).

It doesn't guarantee that Russ can't purchase one himself.
Anonymous said…
No takers here 7:08, this is one old lady who thinks Russ is a cute little feller. I like looking at him.
Anonymous said…
I would throw in $50 to remove Russ Olson's face and put up an add that advertises a way to help Sutton pay for the attorney fee's he's gonna have for this untruthful allegation. Anyone else willing to chip in to a worthy cause?
Anonymous said…

Yuck! You must not know him or where he has been. If you did, that would turn you off!
Anonymous said…
Now...the Dan Sutton beg button is even a more worthy cause because I can put a sticky pad over Russ Olson's face at the top of my screen. I for one would be proud to help Dan fight them weasly Wiese's!!! That would be one of the best ways I could spend my hard earned cash...yep, you bet...get it going PP!!
Anonymous said…
I hate to be the bearer of bad new or splendiferous news, depending on how you look at it. Personally it is news that made my day! We should get Dan on the banner, because this site could use a good young, irish, catholic like the good Senator from District 8 on the banner. It would be my honor to help pay for that ad, but maybe my christmas gift to him went towards that, I don't envision him sending my fruit to Butler or Duffy, but maybe.

Support the man, support him in his on going battle for vindication!!!!
Anonymous said…
Ok, so I used the word vindication originally and now everyone is using it...I'm glad you all appreciated it...that should be our new slogan...after every post, if you are a SUTTON FAN as many of us are we should end every post with "VINDICATE DAN!!" oh and you never know about the fruit...I hear Butler is pretty hungry these days...he's ready to eat SOMEONE'S LUNCH I for one am ready to watch him do it...I maybe will send him a fruit basket myself..maybe a few!! PP get the beg button for Dan going...I'll be the first to donate...I promise...there might be a little something in it for you too..sexy :)
Anonymous said…

I Want a support "Sutton's Vindication Button." I want it set up so that by clicking it, you would be able to donate directly to Dan's checking account. This money would be used to VINDICATE SUTTON. How much would it cost me personally to get you to do that? I am serious. My checkbooks out.

If PP wont do it, we should just open an account at Farmers State Bank for the cause of Supporting Sutton. We could run an ad in the Enterprise telling people that if they would like to donante they can make the check out to the "Support Sutton Fund."

What do you all think? I know this false accusation has to be doing a number on Danny's piggy bank.
Anonymous said…
Let's do it...get it going...are you interested PP or should we just go the route of the Enterprise?? Who's going to set it up being's we're all anonymous here?? I Swear to God I think Dan would be AMAZED at the support of people he would have...and maybe that's just the boost of confidence he needs right now...I can imagine he is scared to death!! My checkbook, credit cards and savings account's open....let's do this thing SERIOUSLY, I'm not being funny...we just need to figure out who is going to organize it!! VINDICATE DAN!!!!
Anonymous said…
Lets do it, this sitation has been rough on Dan and he would be estatic to how much support he really has. Go for it!! Support the main fighting to clear his name, because the court of public oppinion believes that we are guilty until proven innocent.

Go Dan, We support you 100%!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Sorry opinion has one p my bad

Go Dan!!
Anonymous said…
Come on...if you are serious just post something so we can keep a running total of the people interested...we are not joking about this...an account could be established to vindicate dan but we need to have some show of hands...or keyboards here!! Post if you are interested please and end your post with VINDICATE DAN!!!
Anonymous said…
I am willing to donate $250 to this very worthy cause. Where should I mail my check?
Anonymous said…
I'll also donate $300.00 where does it go??? Someone help us out here...anyone know Dan personally that could get this thing going?? Who else is willing??
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
I looked at Dan's website and his mailing address is listed as follows:

Dan Sutton
PO Box 282
Flandreau, SD 57028

Maybe we should just mail our checks directly to him and note that they are to assist in his vindication.

What does everyone think?
Anonymous said…
If you are willing to post please state the dollar amount you are willing to contribute as we are still contemplating running an ad in the Enterprise but want to know if it would be worth it...oh ya and pp if you play nice maybe we'll mention sdwc in the ad...that would help your hits for your site...but you MUST PLAY NICE!!!!
PP said…
If you want a link to a website such as that, it's $50 a month for up top (and yes, I'd take the ad. As long as it didn't include drug or sexual references, I'll take them whether I agree with them or not.)

The mechanics? You'd either have to set up your own website to handle the traffic, or possibly set up a donation thing through a pay pal account, as I have for my own beg button.

It's really not tough to do. I believe you could also use the same beg button on other websites.

Contact me personally at dakotawarcollege@yahoo.com if you need help with the mechanics.
PP said…
And sorry for the delay in responding. I do have to work and eat.
Anonymous said…
I can personally tell you that Dan will support any support any money you would like to give him, and possibly, we could set up a mail box in his front lawn, I will be talking to him tonight, maybe he will be open to the idea, but even if the costs don't go to his lawyers they can surely go to his war chest for 2008 or 2012 govenors races.

Vindicate Sutton!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
A Poem for Sutton Supporters:

Sutton for Senate, his seat was won fair and square. Even after the residents of District 8 had heard of this affair. They knew it wasnt true, so they showed up at the polls and voted blue. Now he needs your continued support. Send good wishes, cash, or prayers his way because soon their will be a vindication day!
Anonymous said…
"As I’ve noted previously, after Sutton resigns or is expelled, Russ will likely be the favorite to fill that seat. And that will put him in the unique position of serving as the defacto leader in a renewed 'republicanizing' of the Madison legislative district, going from zero GOP legislators last year to 2 before summer after Sutton resigns/is expelled."

Who’s the other GOP legislator you refer to, PP? Any further predictions, since Sutton didn't resign and wasn't expelled?

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