GFP candidates down to 4

The Rapid City Journal is reporting this morning that the list of potential candidates for the Departmental Secretary for Game Fish and Parks has been whittled down to 4:
Rounds, his staff and a number of GF&P officials, including Cooper, have declined to identify candidates for the secretary’s job. But a number of sources speaking off the record have confirmed that one of the finalists is Kevin Forsch, a member of the governor’s staff who previously worked as a division director in the state Health Department. Another finalist is Jeffrey Vonk, director of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, sources said.

Forsch and Vonk were among four candidates interviewed last month by members of the Game, Fish & Parks Commission and Cooper. The other two candidates were Emmett Keyser, an assistant director in GF&P’s Wildlife Division in Pierre, and Steve Riley, a former GF&P biologist now working in a management position with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

The commission submitted three of those names, including Forsch and Vonk, to Rounds. And they are both expected to be interviewed this week, probably today and Thursday.


“We wanted to make sure we get somebody who could juggle the need to provide access for the public and get along with our landowner friends,” Kessler said. “That takes a special individual. Coop was extremely good at that.”

Asked whether the secretary should have a background in wildlife management, Kessler said: ‘That certainly would be a bonus, if he had all the other attributes.”
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Anonymous said…
Can anyone explain what the tie is between Rounds and Watertown? Don't get me wrong... I like Watertown, but why do people with Watertown ties keep getting jobs (or at least interviews for top jobs) in the Rounds administration?
Anonymous said…
Better from Watertown than from out of state. Jobs with GF&P seem to always go to someone from another state. Aren't South Dakotans smart enough to handle these jobs or what?
Anonymous said…
I agree, let's hire from within our State!
Anonymous said…
You're both missing the question in 9:25. I'm curious what the tie is between Rounds and people from Watertown. Whether someone from SD gets the GF&P job is besides the point.

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