Sibby Online: Mitchell paper quotes Olson as saying MAINstream Coalition won't survive

Steve over at Sibby on-line has a story this morning from the Mitchell Republic noting how fellow founder, and Republican State Senator Ed Olson doubts that the MAINstream coalition organization will survive:

State Sen. Ed Olson R-Mitchell, said a recent membership drive produced fewer than the desired number.

"It’s probably not going to make it," Olson said.

Olson said that Rapid City Businessman Stan Adelstein, another founder who originally underwrote the organization financially, "mailed out 40,000 mailers and got 75 new members." It likely isn’t enough, Olson said, for the organization to remain in operation.

Read it all here.

Maybe South Dakotans are actually more conservative then they thought....


Anonymous said…
I personally hope it doesn't continue.

We need to get back to basics -- the Bible.

I hope we see an even harder push to ban abortion, sex education and gay marriage.

People asking us to focus on "real" issues like education or health care are just missing the point!
Anonymous said…
Maybe it isn't making it because Olson belongs to the group!!
Anonymous said…
7:53 AM The Bible is the answer. But it doesn't work if people are Christian in name only!
Anonymous said…
Or, maybe it isn't succeeding because the moderate majority look at it and don't see any useful reason to 'join', despite agreeing in principle that we may have shifted too far right.

As long as people see someone is out there sending glossy fliers and holding press conferences about the Mainstream and winning Senate Leadership slots, then "moderation" has still not died. And the average Joe doesn't need to spend $50 bucks to support it.
Anonymous said…
I agree with 7:53.

This mainstream thing was bound to end someday, though this is sooner than I expected.

It's all about basics, and that means the Bible. The Creator allows us to make laws, but if we don't focus on banning abortion and gay marriage, He will make sure we live in eternal hell.

It's good to see these mainstreamers are willing to listen to God again.
Anonymous said…
I stood at the entrance to the state senate this week and saw the name plates of the leaders. In the middle, across the aisle from each other, Heidepriem and Knudson. I repeat, in the middle and together.

The Mainstream Coalition is far from dead. It's just getting started and the NeoChrisCons are out. End of story. Go see for yourselves.
Anonymous said…
It's a dumb point.

The evidence that moderates are alive and well in South Dakota was presented loud and clear last November on election day.

Case closed.
Anonymous said…
I hope the Mainstreamers are done. What jerks they are, they claim to be Rs but work to elect Ds. I repect their views, but if you don't like the platform either work to change it or switch parties. Why pretend to be one party and try to elect the other party? I have no respect for sneaky people.
Anonymous said…
Dont' count out Stan's money. He can buy what is lost in member numbers.
Anonymous said…
9:08 What was sneaky about it?

Courageous, yes. Sneaky, no.

It was all out in the open.

There is a clear division in the party.

The moderate side is sending the extremist side a message.

Extraordinary problems require extraordinay solutions.
Anonymous said…
Above: Not 9:08, 9:38. Sorry.
Anonymous said…
7:53 - That's what we need is some of that old time religion. Which translation of the Bible are we going to follow? Which denomination are we all going to follow? After all, Christians never disagree on anything. For instance, we all agree to share communion, that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true Christian religion, that the Pope is infallible, that Bishops can be gay, that women should not cut their hair, that you will go to hell if you commit suicide, that you are not entitled to communion if you are divorced, etc.

Great idea!

Maybe the Founding Father's recognized these differences and recognized that for the betterment of all mankind it would be better for Government to stay away from theological differences. A government is supposed to provide for it's citizen's regardless of religious belief.
Anonymous said…

READ the Bible. As soon as the Republican Party, including mainstreamers, get back to reading the Bible and following God's law, this state will be saved.

God law reign will reign supreme one day soon in South Dakota!
Anonymous said…
Yeah, 3:43, i agree. As soon as the state begins to dictate that we cannot eat shellfish, or that all males must be circumsised, or that clothes shall not be made of certain types of cloth, then yes, the state, and all of us in it, will be saved. From what, who the hell knows?
Anonymous said…
8:46 Am "The Creator allows us to make laws, but if we don't focus on banning abortion and gay marriage, He will make sure we live in eternal hell."

Anonymous said…

Your a prefect example of why the average South Dakotan thinks the conservation right has gone nuts.
Anonymous said…
nuts is too kind. I think this is the clean cut kid posting as "VJ" because the posting are SO ridiculous it's hurting my stomach. Although the posting are self-rightous enough that it could be roger the closet...with the assmaster 2000.
Anonymous said…
If you're keeping track at home, that's a .1875% success rate (75/40,000). Less than two-tenths of one percent.

Too bad the MSM media loves them so much because their list of potential donors sure don't. Why does the MSM insist upon giving them a platform when they don't have a following....except for the democrat blogs.

Oh, and about Knudson and Heidepriem...they are bot LIBERALS. Can you say "FLAMING LIBERALS"? They're both pro-abortion, both pro-queer marriage, and both want to tax you more so they can grow government and try to win favor with everybody before they run seek higher office in the near future. Nothing moderate about either of them. Liberal lawyers....both of them.
Anonymous said…
Please read the new testament.
Anonymous said…
40,000 mailers and only 75 responses? That would clearly indicate their not so mainstream after all. haha
Anonymous said…
Sibby v. Olson, where do I send a check to Sibby?

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