More pre-inaugural photos

Nothing too exciting - just a couple of photos I snapped today between point A and point B.


Anonymous said…
Is there a worse public speaker than Marion Rounds? Serious question.
Anonymous said…
Rounds may not be the best speaker but we can be proud of our Capitol Building, it is one beautiful building.
Anonymous said…
I thought Rounds did a nice job today. It was moving at times and well done. But you see what you want to see.
Anonymous said…
He gives the same speech EVERY SINGLE TIME. And they're so poorly delivered: awkwardly long dramatic pauses; that airy, raspy voice; the ridiculous overuse of the phrase "thank you"; the Clinton-esque fake almost-weeping when he was talking about fallen soldiers. It was so hard to listen to. I was embarrassed.
Anonymous said…
9:06 AM said about Governor Rounds: "fake almost-weeping when he was talking about fallen soldiers."

When they call you "left wing nuts" they are sure are NUTS!

Governor Rounds was sincere and showed true emotions when speaking of the death of that young man from Parkston.

Sit down some time and ask him what it is like talking to the parents and other family members of soldiers killed in Iraq! Governor Rounds has had to do that way too many times the past few years. It is really difficult time for Governor Rounds and the soldier’s family. And then when he recalls the moment you claim he is faking the emotion he displays?

The only fake around here is you and the other left wing nuts!

God Bless Governor Rounds!

God Bless America!
Anonymous said…
I am a very staunch conservative and I think the Gov. gives terrible speeches. You dont have to be a wingnut to think so. Rounds cadence is so unnatural that its very hard to listen to him, and some of what he says comes off as fake. I dont know if it's the Gov.'s fault or whoever helps write his speeches, but Rounds also has a habit of repeating himself. He is just a horrible public speaker. I don't know if I have ever heard him give a speech that didn't at some point make me cringe.

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