The bible never found it's way into the state legislature

Mary Garrigan at the Rapid City Journal has an interesting story about how the use of the Bible for the swearing in of legislators never really came into practice. Maybe THAT explains why..... (insert favorite joke about Democrats here). Sorry. I couldn't resist.

Seriously, go catch the story. It's a tale worth reading:
When Rep. Gordon Pederson, R-Wall, takes the oath of office as a state legislator for the 29th time Saturday, he will swear to uphold the constitutions of the United States and South Dakota and faithfully discharge his duties as a representative.But Pederson and the other 104 members of the South Dakota Legislature will not swear on a Bible as they stand, raise their right hand and repeat the oath after state Supreme Court Chief Justice David Gilbertson.

“No, the body as a whole does not use the Bible,” Pederson said. “Nobody does, that I know of.”

The tradition of using the Bible to affirm an oath never developed in the state legislative bodies, according to Jim Fry, director of the Legislative Research Council.

“I’ve not seen it,” Fry said. Individual legislators are free to use a Bible in the ceremony but Fry doubts if many do. Pederson has never used one. Neither has Sen. Mac McCracken, R-Rapid City, or Rep. Larry Rhoden, R-Union Center
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Anonymous said…
after abstincence-only sex ed, HR 1215, etc., I really don't think you can say the Bible hasn't found its way to the legislature with a straight face P.P.

The Bible is the playbook of the GOP right now.

Maybe Coach Adams will instill some new plays?
Anonymous said…
I never realized that..I thought they did use the bible when they were sworn in...that's kind of sad in all reality!! At least swearing on a bible makes you think twice, being serious about taking an oath. So what do they use a smut book??? ha ha
Anonymous said…
7:50 AM "The Bible is the playbook of the GOP right now."

The Bible should be the playbook of everyone not just the GOP!

Some politicans just don't understand. They put on their blue suits, white shirts, red ties and then pin that little cross on their lapel and think that makes them Christians!
Douglas said…
They might as well swear their oaths over a can of Chicken Soup or a can of beer for some of them.

It is time reliance on the Bible as a campaign and political tool be damned as inappropriate even if we have deep respect for the non-supernatural deity pasts of the ten commandments
Anonymous said…
This isn't much of a story. The United States Congress doesn't use a bible for swearing in either. They just raise their hand and swear an oath. The only time the bible is used (or the koran) is for the ceremonial photo-op swearing in, and that's just for show.
Anonymous said…

you must be tied in w/Pat Robertson and have a direct line with the allmighty. Who is christian, what is christian, who's going to heaven, the dems are going to hell.

Welcome to moral absolutism and the drowning on the republican party by it's own "members."
cp said…
The Bible is the playbook of the GOP right now.

I could not disagree more.
Anonymous said…
Apparently rr thinks it should be , and is disappointed it isn't.

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