Photos coming this weekend...

Here's an unusual thing for me - no Brookings trip today. Although, I'll make up for it next weekend with a late PM trip home, and then an early AM trip to Sioux Falls the next day for a medical appointment for my youngest.

So this weekend? I'm going to be volunteering on and off for the Inaugural Ball, and I'm planning to have at least one, if not 2 cameras on hand to snap photos. There should be dignitaries galore, so hopefully I can catch a few in the act.

And, as time allows, I'll try to do some posting.


Anonymous said…
Now we finally know what PP stands for.

Pierre Paparazzi.

Please don't do any of those low angle shots of some woman in a short dress getting out of a car. That's just not classy.
PP said…
Only if Britney or Paris pull up.

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