KSFY This Week: Rep Russ Olson, Rep. Manny Steele. and Sen. Scott Heidepreim

I just got a note on KSFY this week's lineup.

Featured will be 3 incoming legislators. Republican Representative Russell Olson, Republican Representative Manny Steele, and Senate Democratic Minority Leader Scott Heidepreim.

I'm not sure when it's airing (possibly tomorrow?) but be sure to catch it.


Anonymous said…
OH No Not Russ Olson!!
Baby get out of the corner :)
Anonymous said…
Lets home Manny has figured out who makes the laws. At the Sioux Falls legislative breakfast he had it all messed up and had people staring at their shoes in embarrassment. I hope it was all first time jitters, otherwise it will be a long 2 years.
Anonymous said…
Heidepriem. Heidepriem. Heidepriem. I before E.

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