Americans for Prosperity Pierre Meeting announced

I just got a note that the Pierre grassroots meeting of the Americans for Prosperity will be held as follows:
Our Pierre event will be at the St. Charles Restaurant in the meeting room on Monday, January 8th. The meeting will begin at 12:00 p.m.
After the tour wraps up on Monday we will be preparing to give the recommendations gathered from the different stops to each legislator and Governor Rounds.
The meeting is open to the public and I want to personally invite you to attend.
I'll have it on my schedule to attend, and I hope you will too.


Anonymous said…
What is Americans for Prosperity?
Anonymous said…
I have a suspicious nature of anything with such a generic sounding name like Americans for Prosperity. Who wouldn't identify with that??

Kinda like the guy who had a jar on his desk with the notice "please donate for the children of Israel." Sounds great, right? Only problem was that his last name was Israel and the proceeds went to his own kids!

Anyway, keep us posted, PP, on what this meeting is about.
Anonymous said…
These events have been getting a lot of coverage in other communities across the state.

I want to check it out when it comes to Pierre. Hardly any other groups are holding public meetings across the state to hear from citizens before the legislative session. It sounds like these meetings are a good thing to me.
Anonymous said…
Rounds has been spending money like a drunken sailor!

Somebody has to tell Pierre to get their hands out of my wallet.
Anonymous said…
Anon- 2:48

Americans for Prosperity is a taxpayer advocacy group in South Dakota that wants to see responsible spending in Pierre and throughout the state.

They are a grassroots orgnazation that has been active in South Dakota over the last year that is working with a bi-partisan group of activists and legislators to push for fiscal restraint.

The taxpayer trust tour they have organized sounds like a good thing to me. I want to go to their meeting in Pierre on Monday.

Anon 4:17 - you should come to the tour and tell them about it.
Anonymous said…
Anon 6:10

Who are the members of this "grassroots" group, and who are their employers?
Anonymous said…

They are funded by tobacco and are here to attack the tax increase on cigarettes period.

Prosperity has nothing to do with tobacco. Just another bunch of paid political con men/women
Anonymous said…
12:16 Do you have proof that AP is funded by big tobacco? Please share the info with us and where you got it from so we can read it ourselves. Or are you just saying something that you really don't have any facts about? Thanks in advance for the info.
Anonymous said…
Like I said, a generic front job that will garner support without anyone checking into who they are funded by, what their true objective is, and why they are truly here.

Something like how the JAIL amendment people gathered all the signatures on their petition. Sounded look, and no one looked past that, including me. I'm not so naive anymore with these groups.
Anonymous said…
I had a neighbor who knocked on my door supporting AFP during the election.

They must have a grassroots support effort in place in order to mount a doorknocking campaign.
Anonymous said…
If you want to find out what AFP is about go to their website

It looks like they are fiscal conservatives and want to make sure the state shows spending restraint and fiscal responsibility.
Anonymous said…
ref anon 6:16 am

Secretary of States web site on campaign finance reports. about the second or third page at bottom. Also look at supplement. Lots a money from Tobacco.
Anonymous said…
I saw the news coverage of the "Trust us Tour" held today in Rapid City at the library. Other than Alan's Acre's there were four other people.
Some grass roots movement there. oh yeah.

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