MSM is on one of the tales I just told.. So, here's something they don't have yet.

I see Dave Kranz rushed to get a teaser of his column on-line after the GOP press release came out. So, the news about Karl Adam is starting to spread. Dave was working on it today, so I didn't think I could sit on it any longer. That, and the GOP release coming out meant that it was the right time to drop it in the hopper.

So that's old news and I barely got in on the crest of the wave.

Since that's not so exclusive anymore, I've got another one for you I've been trying to get it confirmed through legal channels, but I have not gotten a reply as of 5pm tonight from an inquiry I made over the noon hour.

So, at this point, it is no more than rumor. But that being said, I'm told I should watch for news to be coming on one of the parties involved in the Wiese/Sutton matter allegedly having a run-in with the law this past New Years' weekend.

Before you start getting whipped up into a frenzy of speculation, sorry. I'm shutting down comments on this post until I or someone else has firm confirmation. Why? Because without solid confirmation from law enforcement (or via a media source who confirmed it themselves), it shouldn't be considered any more than just rumor. Yes, I've asked Law Enforcement myself, but I haven't heard anything back yet.

So, I can't allow the speculation until I do.

Why am I running with the story otherwise? My source, which will remain confidential, provided me with good enough information to follow up on, there were multiple witnesses, etcetera, so I think I'm on OK ground to talk about it in broad, general terms.

So, keep watching the blogs for a new twist to the saga. More to come....

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