KELO files the hardest hitting news story of the year

From KELO:
Unhealthy Handbags

Most women carry them everywhere they go and they can't live without what's inside. But what about what's on the outside? Could your favorite purse be harboring bacteria?

In tonight's Eye on KELOLAND, Angela Kennecke may make you think twice about where you put your purse.

Women have long carried a love affair with the purse. And that handbag goes everywhere, from the store, to the counter, to the car floor, even the restroom floor.
Read it all here. And take care where you put that dirty purse. Because Angela Kennecke might be watching for this emerging scourge threatening public health.

Can a healthy purse campaign be far behind....?


Douglas said…
Scared the coliform right out of me.

Might be something women should actually think about however.

Next will be a story about men's billfolds and you know where we keep those.
Anonymous said…
I first heard this information last fall so it's not exactly news. It is good information though.

You should know what it's like to dig for stories when nothing much is happening, pp. You can opt for a light posting, but that isn't an option for people who are required to churn out stories by deadline.

Been there. Done that.
Anonymous said…
I happened to like this story. I had never given a thought to how dirty the bottom of my purse is. I do not ever sit it on the floor of a public bathroom, but it sits on the floor of the car, the movie theater, etc. And then I come home and sit it on my counter. Comparing that to shoes sitting on the counter, which I would NEVER allow, never occurred to me, but it's the same thing.

Anyway, needless to say I'll be wiping off the bottom of my purse occasionally now!

I have certainly seen stories with much less merit than this one.

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