SDP reporting that Gannet (the Argus Leader's parent co) wants to buy some tv stations?

SDP has an interesting article on print media companies trying to buy TV stations. Who knows, it might even include one in this state:

Regarding the issue of media monopoly and the Argus Leader, I read this USA Today story with great interest. Gannett Corporation, the owner of the Argus Leader, is lobbying to change federal rules so it can buy TV stations:

When members of the Federal Communications Commission look at TV stations these days, they aren't just kicking back to watch American Idol or Heroes.

Regulators are about to reassess their rules on who can own stations and how many — a review they are legally bound to do every four years. And to rule on the most controversial proposals, they must determine how much damage — if any — the Internet and other new media are inflicting on local stations, which collectively had an estimated $26 billion in ad sales last year.

If officials conclude that competition from the digital world threatens local TV, they might decide it's OK to ease the rules and let companies own multiple stations in a market, or let a newspaper buy a station in its town.

Broadcasters and newspaper companies (including USA TODAY parent Gannett, the largest newspaper publisher and a major owner of TV stations) are lobbying for that.


"The term 'media monopoly' has meaning, it's had meaning for 60 years, but I think the content of the term is changing," former FCC chairman Reed Hundt says.

" 'Media monopoly' seems now to be about whether you can use the Internet for free or whether there's any limit on what you can send over the Internet," he adds. "The issues of the last 10 years don't have that much resonance anymore."

Read it all here.


Anonymous said…
The worst kept secret in South Dakota politics (after the Sutton matter before it broke) is that the Argus Leader wants to buy KELO-Land, i.e. Gannett wants to buy Young Broadcasting. That would mean the biggest newspaper in the state's biggest town would buy the TV station with 70% market share. This would give the liberals at the Argus almost complete control of the "news" in the state. Wht haven't you heard about this? Because the media protects their own, like lawyers and the mafia.
Anonymous said…
wait a minute, Gannett owns the Argus Leader? I just assumed it was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Howard Dean's Democratic National Committee.
Anonymous said…
The Argus has taken a couple of hits lately - more and more people are catching on to their obvious bias, and their new format didn't make them any friends.

NOW is the time for a competing daily newspaper in Sioux Falls - before the ARgus buys KELO.
Anonymous said…
God help us -- Gannett's McPapers are taking over the country. They gobble up everybody. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Anonymous said…
If the idiots at the Argus Leader take over KELO they will destroy it just like they did their own paper with their "new design," which everybody agrees totally stinks
Anonymous said…
Well, you certainly won't be able to call it the "Fair and Balanced" network!

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