Lots of Rounds in the blogosphere lately, mainly in reference to Tim Johnson

Governor Mike Rounds' name is making a bit of traffic in the national blogosphere lately. I didn't realize how much until I was searching for something and came across a list.

From Politics One Blog:
Rounds Takes Early Lead

Governor Mike Rounds of South Dakota has taken an early lead in the Republican Poll for President here on Politics One. The Poll has been up for 24 hours now and Rounds has already struck huge momentum with viewers across the nation. This is a month long poll so results will change. The Question is can The Mike Rounds Supporters keep the lead or will supporters of John Cox and Mike Huckabee take the lead. Cox and Huckabee were the first and second place winners in the December Poll.
But from there, it goes straight to the Tim Johnson issue as the national blogs on either side of the aisle sink their teeth into speculation. For example...

From Cyclone Conservative:
If you have been following the news, you might have heard and seen that Senator Tim Johnson, the two term Democratic Senior Senator from South Dakota, had to be hospitalized because of bleeding on the brain caused by a clumping of blood vessels.

Serious stuff.


I'm not completely familiar with who might be available to be appointed if such a move were warranted, but I can think of a couple of names immediately.

The first is Larry Diedrich. Diedrich came up just short of knocking off Congresswoman Herseth in 2004. He'd be a very good choice and many believe he is jockeying to to become the Governor someday.

The next is former Congressman and Governor Bill Janklow. Janklow used to be the most popular politician in South Dakota before he killed a motorcyclist while driving on a campaign trip. He served 100 days in jail and has basically slinked into private life.

Another name would be Dennis Daugaard. Daugaard is the current Lieutenant Governor. Interestingly, if Daugaard were to be appointed to serve out the final two years of Johnson's term and then Rounds runs for the full term and wins, Rounds would then become the U.S. Senator and Daugaard would become Governor. Quite the roll reversal.
Real all of that here.

Of course, there's other out-of-state bloggers out there writing on the same topic in a slightly less magnanimous way. One calling himself "Dakota Dave" has started a blog here on the topic called "Hey, don't be a dick." With such witty repartee as "Hey, Chris Nelson...f*** you!!!" without the asterisks, how could people have missed it until now?

As it's a popular topic, you can also find the anti-strib opining:
But remember how I ended my last post, saying as a child of the sixties I've learned not to trust political good fortune? So here we are, with poor Tim Johnson hanging on by a hair and the balance of power in the senate back up for grabs. If for any reason Johnson cannot serve, Gov. Mike Rounds of South Dakota, a foaming-at-the-mouth Republican, will appoint someone to serve out the rest of his term, which ends in 2008.
Somehow, I didn't realize that Republicans foamed. And the issue has even made the Huffington Post (on Tim Johnson, not foaming):

But I am one Republican hoping that in the event South Dakota Democratic U.S. Senator Tim Johnson cannot serve - and I pray that he gets healthy and can fulfill his responsibilities - Governor Mike Rounds puts another Democrat in his stead.

Disability is no way to win control of the entire Senate.


Hey Governor Rounds, issue a press release in this week of Christmas. Wish Senator Johnson well, tell him you can't wait until the day arrives where he will again stand in the well of the Senate saying things about which you can disagree from the Governor's mansion. Then make it crystal clear that if he can't resume his position, and if control of the Senate hangs in the balance, you will honor him by naming a replacement from his own party.

Read all of that here.

I think the thing that most of these blogs are missing, is that their opinion coming from out of state doesn't mean diddley squat here. Some are speculative, some are full of venom, some are all puffed up with trying to tell the Governor what's right for him to do. And none of them get it.

It's not about your darned balance of power. It's about an elected official who has taken ill.

South Dakota could care less about being told what the right thing to do is. Because the right thing is what's being done at this point. South Dakotans (all of us, including the Gov) are waiting for our Senator to recover.

And then we'll see what he wants to do.


Anonymous said…
On that list of 24 people, Mike Rounds is 24th in terms of competency, ability, philosophy, and appeal. I'll bet the kids in the Governor's office are having a good time voting & deleting their cookies & then voting again.

Thune is the only South Dakotan capable of being a serious contender for President on either side of the aisle.
Anonymous said…
I agree that somebody is having a little fun with the President poll.

Having said that, I would hardly call Rounds a "foaming at the mouth" Republican - he is a fairly conciliatory guy. Out-of-staters know only that he signed the abortion ban - they do not know that he did not lift a finger to get it passed and was reluctant to sign it.
Unknown said…
"Somehow, I didn't realize that Republicans foamed." --PP

Well, it's a kind of a smarmy foaming, of which Roger Hunt and Brock Greenfield provide the best examples.
Anonymous said…
Excellent post, PP.

Especially the last few lines.


As Ed McMahon used to say to Johnny Carson/Karnak the Magnificient, "You are correct, sir!"
Anonymous said…
Gov. Rounds in a sign of respect for Sen. Johnson should appoint Rep. Herseth to fill this position if it comes available. She has the experience we'll need.

Then Gov. Rounds can appoint a Republican to fill her seat.

We don't need to use Sen. Johnson's condidtion to steal the US Senate.
Publisher said…
If Steph was selected we would need to have another special election! Personally I can wait the two years!
Anonymous said…
4:31. Spoken like a true Democrat. Would you feel the same way if it the situation were reversed? Did you feel the same way when Jeffords switched parties after winning an election?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
No Dem Gov would EVER appoint a GOP Senator, so why think a GOP Gov should appoint a Dem? As for Janklow, he is the absolute LAST person in this state I would appoint to that spot. As for Diedrich, he's a nice guy , but he couldn't even carry his own district in the last 3 elections.
As for all this gushing and love for Johnson, he's had some pretty mean things to say about pro-lifers and conservatives. Didn't he call us the "Taliban wing" of the party?
Anonymous said…
I have no love for Johnson either, I don't like his politics or his manners.

HOWEVER, I also don't stoop to his level and ignore decorum and plain good manners.

It is bad manners to speculate when someone is fighting a serious medical condition. You don't give away Grandma's money while you wait to see if she will recover. It is not polite or ethical.

Yes, we wait for our Senator to recover and to tell us what he wants to do. It is the right thing to do----it is good manners.
Anonymous said…
mom - Without you serving as a moral compass for everyone, how could we possibly manage? It must get really lonely up there on that pedestal.
Anonymous said…
Anon 7:12

Yes...he did call (at least some of "you") that...and he was right. First time Tim was "right". I agree with him.

And I never once in ever single election he's run in, in this state, have voted for him, nor would I likely vote for him again.

But he was RIGHT, in that case.
Anonymous said…
Why don't we show some respect for Tim and his family and leave speculative topics like this alone for a while? Give him the time he needs to recover and leave the political scheming to the Beltway pundits.

Isn't that part of what makes us all South Dakotans?
Anonymous said…
Hopefully Tim Johnson will make a full recorvery.

But if he doesn't, all of these out of state bloggers really miss the mark on who Rounds would appoint. They are not aware of how Rounds bends over backwards to take care of his own family. The front runners are: Tim Rounds (the rat), Jamie Rounds (priesthood dropout, booze peddler), Tom Rounds (booze peddler).
Anonymous said…
I see Wesley Clark is WAY out in front on the Democrat side. Guess it'll be Rounds vs. Clark, right PP?

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