Rapid City weekly news has nice article on Elli Schwiesow

The Rapid City Weekly News posted this last week one of the nicest articles I think I've seen to date on Elli Schwiesow:
Elli Schwiesow said she used to think it took three hours to get to Pierre.

Now, as she nears the end of a two-year effort to win a state Senate seat, Schwiesow has reconsidered the time it takes to get to the state capital.

“It’s a long, long road to Pierre,” she said during an extended interview at her campaign headquarters on Sunday, Oct. 22. “And it’s full of bumps.”


She said Katus and Adelstein have painted her as a one-issue candidate because of her strong opposition to abortion and her support for Referred Law 6. Schwiesow, who was raised in a very conservative home in Brookings, is a staunch proponent for the law, but said there are other issues she cares deeply about as well.

But she said there is a good side to the way her opponents have painted her — her name recognition is very high.

She said voters call her every day and she often spends a lot of time going over the lengthy ballot with them. Schwiesow has prepared a copy of the ballot she has already cast and shares it with people if they ask.

She favors Amendment C, the marriage amendment, Amendment D, the property tax alteration, Amendment F, on restricting closed sessions in the Legislature, Initiated Measure 2, the tobacco tax, Initiated Measure 5, to restrict ownership and leasing of state planes, Initiated Measure 7 to repeal video lottery and Referred Law 6.

She opposes Amendment E, the “JAIL for judges” proposal, Initiated Measure 3, the late start for schools, Initiated Measure 4, medical marijuana and Initiated Measure 8, to repeal cell phone taxes.


Linda Guthrie of Pine Ridge is one of the most dedicated workers. Guthrie can’t vote for Schwiesow, but she is working hard for her to win a seat in the state Senate.

“She’s a beautiful soul,” Guthrie said as Schwiesow squirmed a bit at the kind words and smiled at her friend and supporter.

“People say she’s phony but she’s not,” Guthrie said. “What you see is what you get.”

Check out this must read article here.

The thing is, I can't disagree with a thing I read in the article, and sometimes after I've read the things her opposition writes about her, such as the Katus ads that have been running (which I'll post soon enough), I just have to shake my head, because their characterizations are so far off the mark.

I think I can put it best by noting that Elli reminds me of a mom - except it's when that mom is on her best day. And that's Elli all the time. She volunteers her time and her energy to causes where most people would look the other way and just walk on by.

In politics, I know many people who will smile to your face, and then will trash talk you behind your back. (Me? I do it openly on a weblog) But Elli has always been one of the most genuine people I've ever met in the political process. Her word is her bond, and there's no ulterior motives attached to it.

I'd have to echo the words of her supporter. “What you see is what you get.” And that's pretty darn good for one our next State Senators.


Anonymous said…
You go girl!

Elli is real, kind, gracious, giving and fair.

What she says usually makes sense.

When others are petty and exclusive (I'm thinking esp. of a women's group here) she is inclusive, sensible, and gentle.

When others cuss and sputter; she sooths and comforts.

Our Senate really needs her! And from Stanford --- to her--- will be a HUGE improvement.
Anonymous said…
Elli is the greatest. If any candidate had paid for her volunteer work in any of the past elections she would be a very wealthy gal!!! She does all the volunteer work because she believes in the Republican Principles of good government, individual freedom and responsible actions....she is a gem and South Dakota is so lucky to have the dedication and committment that she possesses. She is my hero!!
Mary Jean Jensen
Anonymous said…
Elli definitely is all that the article says she is. All the connections she has made with her work in the party have certainly paid off in spades for her.

That grassroots work is something that neither Stan Adelstein nor Tom Katus will ever fully appreciate.
Anonymous said…
"individual freedom" Mary jean?

Unless of course you're one of those pesky women or gays.
Anonymous said…
So Ellie wants to wreck our fair property tax system, raise taxes, take away constitutional rights, and prohibit people from spending their money as they choose (video lottery).

She'd be a good fit for government if she was running in China or Russia. Most of us in South Dakota just don't need government telling us what to do.
Anonymous said…
Elli is one of the most vicious, vindictive and divisive people in our state. We need people like her in politics like kids need cigarettes.
Anonymous said…
Anon 9:15 and 10:55 – just go away Stan!!

You lost the election because the voters wanted Elli, not a RINO like you, remember?

Get over yourself.
Anonymous said…
Anon 11:00 Go away Ellie, you communist dictator!
Anonymous said…
Ellie..a communist?!?!? 1:21 really doesn't know who or what he or she is talking about. Your insults run like water off a ducks back for a lady like Ellie. Call her that to her face, she will smile at you, look you in the eye, turn the other cheek and ask for your vote!! And another quality she has is "not going away"...she hangs in there, and works, works, works, as she will do for her constituents once elected.
Anonymous said…
Yes, she IS a nice person. Stan is cad.

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