Bryce Healy's ad is running on television. In case you'd like to see it.

Bryce Healy has got a campaign ad running on the air, and I've got a copy of it right here.

According to his financial report, Bryce has raised and spent over $100,000. (am I the only one wondering if this is going to be the first time a Democratic School and Lands Commissioner was able to raise as much as the Democratic candidate for Governor?

(Click to enlarge)


Anonymous said…
Bryce has got good ads, a good record as commissioner, and he's a good guy.

I just wish I could quit Jarrod Johnson...
Anonymous said…
Kudos (I think) to this blog for giving space to candidates on the other side. Your counterparts don't even link to you, much less mention other candidates unless it is to trash them. They may label you as a party hack but you do a lot more that is fair than the other partisan blog sites.
Anonymous said…
Bryce has good ads, a miserable record as a commissioner and those of us on the west side of the river have found that he is no friend of ranchers, farmers or the school system.

We sure hope Johnson beats him at the polls. Jarrod has our votes.
Anonymous said…
Not sure how making more money for schools is a "miserable record."

Healy has certain done what was elected to do. He made more money for schools. If farmers and ranchers aren't happy with him it is probably because they have to pay more for their lease which means more money for schools.
Anonymous said…
His ad doesn't say he made more money for schools, it just gives an amount. Is that amount more or less than in the past,who knows?
Anonymous said…
Healy is just collecting interest on the trust fund for the schools. He's incompetent and is too worried about pleasing sportsmans groups rather than actually running his office well. I guarantee his opponent could get more out of that office.
Anonymous said…

incompetent? Have you talked to Johnson? He doesn't even understand the section 16 and 36 thing? Do you?

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