Did anyone besides me notice this....

I was looking on Forward South Dakota's (anti-video lottery) latest filing and noted their big contributor:
Am I the only one who noticed that the address of the mysterious "South Dakota Association" who is funding the battle to end video lottery (which I think will force an income tax) has the same address as...
...The Midwest Coalition for Progress? The Anti-DM&E group which was funding Vision South Dakota. Who in turn was finding South Dakotans for Honest and Open Government as well as Jack Billion.

I don't think I've ever seen anything as convoluted a money scheme as this in South Dakota politics.


Anonymous said…
Does the media have this same info?
Are SoDak campaign laws this lax
that everything can be put
off until
the last days of the campaign?
Who is the person behind these
2 groups? Have the tribes put
any money into Forward?
Is that address tied to any other
Anonymous said…
Two words, Indian Tribes
Anonymous said…
This is getting shadier all the time. If Jack Billion is serious about open government and secret lists, he owes it to the voters to explain this mess.

Why do Jack and "honest and open government" have major discrepencies with Vision SD as to what they received?

Why did Vision SD accept money from a PAC that is not registered and did not report?

Why are the anti-DM&E and anti-video lottery people pumping money into Jack's campaign?

We have campaign finance disclosure laws for a reason. You can see exactly who is funding a candidate's campaign - but not Jack Billion.

This is a much bigger deal than who goes to a pheasant hunt.
Anonymous said…
PP check out my post on this about a week ago: http://plainspolitics.blogspot.com/2006/10/proponents-of-video-lottery-repeal-in.html#links
Anonymous said…
Indian Tribes??

Tribal leaders met last month and decided to stay out of the video lottery fight.

One Tribal Council members comment was carried throughout the state making it sound like it was all of the tribes who are behind the effort to kill video lottery.

How receptive do you think the Governor will be to negotiating new compacts if video lottery is taken down by the tribes. All that will do is give the Governor $112 Million reasons to say no.

I guess when all else fails blame the Indians.

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