For the second election in a row, the Aberdeen American News picks Johnson over Hundstad

Hat tip to SDP

Brian Johnson has to love it. Jim Hundstad has to hate it. For the second election in a row, the Aberdeen American News has endorsed Republican newcomer Brian Johnson over segway saddling Jim Hundstad. Here's a clip from this year's endorsement:

Senate candidates are veteran Democrat Jim Hundstad and challenger Republican Brian Johnson. Johnson and Hundstad faced one other in the last election and the margins were close.

Hundstad has served the people of District 2 for one term in the Senate and two terms in the House of Representatives.

However, we choose to support Johnson in this election because we would like to see some new blood in the Senate. We feel Johnson's energy and initiative will help him hit the ground running when he arrives in Pierre. Johnson definitely has some work ahead of him, but appears ready for the task. He has a solid - and long - family history in this state. All this leads us to believe he will be a breath of fresh air in Pierre and one who will work tirelessly for long-term solutions to state challenges, ranging from economic growth to youth outmigration.

Read it all here. Last election's endorsement? I don't have the whole thing, but I do have a snippet:
Johnson's enthusiasm and eagerness to get to work as well as his solid - and long - family history in this state lead us to believe he will be a breath of fresh air in Pierre and one who will work tirelessly for long-term solutions. He's going to be around for a long while, after all.

-Endorsement, Aberdeen American News, 10/26/04
While it didn't work out after last election, the Aberdeen American News knows one thing - with four years in the house, and two years' experience as a Senator under Hundstad's belt, Brian is still a much better choice than the man currently there.

And for Hundstad, that has to be stinging criticism indeed.

**Update: I think I mentioned that Hundstad probably made a mistake running that ad with Governor Rounds.


Anonymous said…
I'm suprised that Jarrod Johnson didn't get the endorsement. What a candidate?? What's wrong???
Anonymous said…
Loyal Republican:
I'm suprised the state party threw as much money as they did for Jarrod! What about Whalen and Koskan, and all the other tough legislative districts? Is Jarrod really worth it? Jarrod says it's important to get rid of the last Democrat parasite in the capitol!! But I wonder if it's truly worth it!!

Go Brian & Issac!!!
Anonymous said…
Never have been one to believe in what or whom the newspapers endorse. My choice is Hundstad. Have fears of these ambitious young ones that think they will be able to change things in Pierre.
Anonymous said…
Let's be honest! Whose a better candidate, a good Repub or a lousey Democrat who talks too much!
Anonymous said…
I don't really care about endorsements because I've never seen why it should matter to me what the editor of some newspaper thinks of the candidates.

But I do agree with this endorsement - Hundstad is an idiot who enjoys the sound of his own voice too much. There are some good Democrats in the Senate - Hundstad is not one of them. He needs to go.
Anonymous said…
Did I miss something? What does this post have to do with Jarrod Johnson? And where is the rest of Marion's election report?
PP said…
That's right. In this state, there's bound to be several Johnson's on the ballot.

Everywhere you look you see a Johnson.

Of course, that sounds too much like a Mel Brooks joke

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