Last I checked, the laws of supply and demand remain in effect:

The Argus Leader is reporting today that Steve Hildebrand of the South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families doesn't like the fact that KSFY has set a premium price on a show that most of South Dakota is going to be glued to:
A 30-second TV ad costs $10,000 Sunday night on KSFY, so political consultant Steve Hildebrand decided not to buy time during the show that features a Toronto family getting a new home. The show airs two days before the election, which typically drives television ad prices higher, as well.

"I think it's revolting what KSFY is doing," said Hildebrand, who works for the South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families, a group that opposes a ban on abortion. Voters are being asked to decide the issue on the ballot.

Without the special circumstances, the spot in that time slot typically would cost $600 to $800.

"They (KSFY) know that their viewership is going to be very high in South Dakota that night, and they think that these political campaigns have a lot of money and the most urgent need," he said. "So they're going to try to sell those time slots at top dollar to people who need it the most."

But Kelly Manning, general manager of the Sioux Falls ABC affiliate station, says it's not a case of greed: He has only two minutes of local ad time during the entire hour broadcast, and he wants to reserve some of that time for the home builders.
Read it all here. Soooo..... What's the matter with our country's free enterprise system? You charge what the market will bear. If no one will pay it, the prices drop to a point where people will pay for it.


Anonymous said…
Hildy is being whiny again.... what is his campaign record again: 2-8-1
mk said…
well, maybe Steve Hildebrand will rush down to KSFY and try to have the whole staff fired again
Anonymous said…
I couldn't believe it when I read this in the Argus. But then again, I could -- chief whiner Hildebrand expresses indignation! So what else is new! And it shouldn't even have been news, in my opinion.
Anonymous said…
Spots on Monday Night Football the day before election were always in the $8000 to $11000 range. This isn't a new development.
Anonymous said…
The "invisible hand" of the market slaps anyone who gets in its way.
Todd Epp said…
Do any of you really believe that airtime for Extreme Home Makeover, even if it features a SD family, is worth 10K/:30? I think it is my friends at KSFY who don't understand the marketplace. But if they can get $10K/spot, more power to them. I think it would be a wasted buy, as the price doesn't reflect what will be the actual audience.
Anonymous said…
"if they can get $10K/spot, more power to them"

there you have it...
Mike Q said…
"more power to them"

That is true, the free market does give you a chance to be stupid and charge almost 1200% higher prices than usual for a really lame show's commercial time. Now, MNF makes sense imho, but what do I know?
Anonymous said…
6:42. Calling Extreme Home Makeover a lame show is just your opinion. Since when is helping a family that needs it lame? IMO sports shows are lame. It all depends on what you want to watch.

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