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From the Yankon Daily Press and Dakotan:
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Letter: Vote For Frank Kloucek

By: Ron J. Volesky, Huron
I want to encourage the citizens in Frank Kloucek's legislative district to re-elect him to the state Legislature.

I served with Sen. Kloucek for a number of years in the state Legislature. I know from my own personal observations of his work that there are very few state legislators that work as hard as Sen. Kloucek to serve their constituents.

Sen. Kloucek is a progressive-minded individual who is deeply committed to his duties and responsibilities as a state legislator. The people in his district would do well to re-elect Sen. Kloucek to Pierre.

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An endorsement for Frank Kloucek from Ron Volesky. I'm not sure who's getting the short end of the stick on that one.


Anonymous said…
Great minds think alike. On an unrelated note, so do Ron Volesky and Frank Kloucek!
Anonymous said…
I would agree that the things Ron says are true, except for Frank being progressive-minded.
Anonymous said…
Frank's a principled man...and also a gentleman. That and his intelligence makes Frank a rare breed by the current standards. I feel sorry for what he has to put up with.
Anonymous said…
Evidently the person who wrote the 3rd comment has never seen some of the bills that Frank comes up with. He is a good person but I wouldn't say intelligence was his strong point. Frank is a rare breed because rarely does he show any intelligence.
Anonymous said…
This must be Ron's advertising strategy. He doesn't need money and as PP showed earlier, he ain't got any.
Anonymous said…
Say what you want to about Frank, but no one works harder on behalf of his constituents than Kloucek. If every Democrat in the state worked as a hard as Frank, we'd have big majorities in the Senate and House. We've had lots of "smart" people on both sides get beat because they were "too smart" to go door-to-door, return phone calls, and meet every voter in their district.

If you and your family move into Frank's district, one of the first people you'll meet is Frank. He keeps track of everyone down there, and takes care of 12 months a year. There isn't another legislator in the state who works as hard as he does. It's not exactly a Democratic district down there... and Frank doesn't even have close races...

You say he isn't smart, but he's clearly doing something right...
PP said…
And that's probably why no one has beat him to date.

I might not agree with all of his politics, but I have to give Frank props for being a campaign machine.

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