Dennis Arnold for State Senate Television Ad

This ad is running in the Watertown area for the Dennis Arnold race against Nancy Turbak. A pretty nice ad featuring Dennis with John Thune and Mike Rounds.


Anonymous said…
I love it....Rounds and Thune helping to sink Turbo-liberal from Berkeley
PP said…
Anon 8:37 - that comment has got to go. Please throttle it back a little.
Anonymous said…
Watertown Public Opinion Straw Ballot had Nancy Turbak at 67% to Dennis Arnold 37%, is saying the district 5 voters like Turbak.
Anonymous said…
It's nice to see that this candidate for Dist 5 Senate has been faithfully married to the same person, and has been a good role model to the young people of Watertown.
Anonymous said…
So, 104% of the voters in Watertown are voting?? Is that on the Reservation, or what?? Actually,more Dems typically respond to those polls, the Repubs are busy working or raising their children.
Anonymous said…
The same straw ballot has Billion Winning too. In fact just about every Democrat wins in the poll - Not in the real world.

The straw poll is garbage.

A monkey would pick more winners.

They call the Public Opinion and newspaper?
Anonymous said…
what kind of "role model" has Turbo-liberal been?
Anonymous said…
Nancy Turbak is a smart, successful woman. That really threatens a lot of you GOP men, doesn't it?

She's a lot better role model than the GOP is putting out these days (Foley, Delay, Ney, Cunningham).
mjb said…
And Sutton.

Ohhh.... now he's a Democrat, isn't he?
Anonymous said…
That straw ballot is trash, all right. The Diedrich Peterson Senate race promises to be close in District 4. Their ballot came out with 82% Peterson and 18% Diedrich. There's no way that's going to even be in the ballpark on the numbers! They are both strong candidates. I hear people saying they are having a hard time deciding who to choose between the two.

Regarding Turbak and Arnold. Turbak is successful and well known, and a strong candidate. Too bad I don't approve of her agenda.

Arnold is a good man, but I don't believe he has much charisma... which wins people over. However, if people vote their morals and conscience, Arnold is the man.
Anonymous said…
I am very conservative, but having dealt with Dennis Arnold, I would NEVER vote for him. Republicans need to get a candidate with integrity!

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