WOW! 25,000 visitors this month. THANK YOU readers.

As of this morning, I broke 25,000 visitors to the South Dakota War College in one month. WOW! By tomorrow, I also expect to be at 60,000 hits for the website.

I'm absolutely floored.

Granted, much of the interest has to do with the election process, but still... WOW.

I couldn't have done it without you, the readers. Thanks for caring enough about the process to research, debate and argue. We might not always agree, but at the very least, you care. And that's what makes democracy work.

One thing I would mention, I'm considering some options for the website as I try to take things to the next level. Which, could include partnering with a media company or other organization or something else that would allow me the freedom to do blogging on this or another website on a full time basis. I'd be seriously interested in covering the legislative session this next January if the stars aligned correctly, and I have the capability for writing, audio actualities, and videoblogging.

If you have an idea or an interest, drop me a note. I'm always open to possibilities.


Anonymous said…
good job PP...keep up the good work
Anonymous said…
You can't write.
You can't spell.
You admit this blog is "a bunch of rambling nonsense...and best of all;

You take pictures through your car windshield which photographs trash on the dash While Criticizing ADS of Others (without once catching that particular irony), and best of all:

zero integrity.

So while it’s given you're not the sharpest pencil in the drawer, have you joined the medical marijuana advocates and started smoking samples? What "media" partner would want you?

Wait….let’s see. Not smart, no integrity; ohmigod (head smacking forehead)

If you can find a sucker big enough; you just might fit right in!
PP said…
And the out-of-state Amendment E goofs weigh in...

What's the matter? Feeling the heat in anticipation of the slaughter your pet project is going to receive next Tuesday?

Gotta go. I have to call and send the black helicopters your way.
Anonymous said…
The guy above forgot one thing.

You also miss scoops. filed suit against the lying opposition.

And would someone ask Ms. Miller to stop shrieking "vendetta." She sounds just plain silly.

Shrill, but silly.

As for your site meter to verify. Me thinks you're simply blowing your own horn.

Anonymous said…
Keep up the good work PP.
Anonymous said…
God... Is the election over yet?

I can't wait for the out-of-staters to go back to California and Texas.

And to take their paranoid amendments with them.
Anonymous said…
Bonnie -

Why don't you give PP a scoop and provide him with a campaign filing for your organization.

Bill has already filed his, and yours is nowhere to be seen.

Or is that just another law you people don't think you should have to follow?
Anonymous said…
You could partner up with Chad giving both sides of a issue. Now that would be fair and balance and would opened the door to even more visitors. Kind of a point counter point on issues while each could still be doing there own thing too.

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