New Kelly Ads.

As we head into the end of the weekend, Dick Kelly has a couple of new ads - A new positive TV ad, and an ad asking who Heidepreim will work with.


Anonymous said…
Who will he work with? The SD legislature.

The implication of this ad is that if you are not some kind of rat-holed, sheepish, entrenched monkey, you should not be involved in the political process.

Let's just make Roger and Leslie King and Queen of SD, with M. Mike honorary Sky Pilot
Anonymous said…
I think that the radio ad is pretty effective. Heidepriem rules through fear in Sioux Falls and has alienated so many people that he IS going to be working alone if he manages to win.

As for the television ad, it's nice. It's soft and it's Dick Kelly. I love the people they pulled together for the ad. Having said that, I hope they don't pull down the negative spot, because that's the spot that will win this election for them.

Heidepriem's running as a conservative and a Republican and that negative ad makes it clear what he's really all about.
Anonymous said…
Hugh -

The only thing people have been talking about is how low this guttershot is...Some of Dick's neighbors who've stayed neutral have now contributed to Heidepriem and are displaying his yard signs.

More than a few Republicans are appalled of these tactics...for God's sake the one postcard misspelled Heidepriem's name and it looked like a tabloid.

That stuff doesn't cut in to a 15% point lead in the last week.

Hope the Kelly campaign cleans it up and recovers a little dignity in the last few days.
Anonymous said…
Hey Hugh, Get off of my cloud.

Hey Hugh, Get off of my cloud.

Mick & Keith
Anonymous said…
I wish Kelly had an ad with himself in it, at least a picture. It adds credibility and closeness to a candidate.
Anonymous said…
wow, the same actors that were in Dick's negative TV ad.

Very credible!
Anonymous said…
Heidepreim is a lost Liberal looking for a home. He might trick a few people but most people know the facts. These ads are great!
Anonymous said…
feasant, you're going to know the facts on Wednesday. You're not going to like them.
Anonymous said…
I don't know who is advising Dick, but I do know who's paying for it.

Mudslinging might work in big parts of our country, but it isn't working in the District 13 State Senate race.

The GOP will look back on this with regret, wasted money and sullying the reputation of the party.
Anonymous said…
As a Republican, I am ASHAMED. Our Party's name is SMEARED ALL OVER these unbelievable personal attacks. Parties should at least TRY to remain above sewage level.

Doesn't Bokornhole have the BALLS to put his name on this disgusting drivel? This crap should be identified with it's motivating PAC, NOT with MY PARTY.

Oh, sorry, I forgot. Having an east-coast consultant attached to Dick Kelly's campaign would DAMAGE HIS CHANCES of SCHLUMPING back to Peer.

Used to be that state legislative politics was gentlmanly. Guess I'd better grow up, and slide down into the gutter. Like Kelly's campaign.

Because of it, he's alienating voters - including rational Republicans - by the hour.


On second thought, don't answer that.
Anonymous said…
Yup, your pretty dumb. A trial attorney liberal like Heidepreim doesn't have anyone to work with or for, other than himself. Back in the 70's there wasn't an attorney in the Senate until Gregorson in '78. He was pretty mild compared to Scott. Wait to see the laws being pushed by liberal enhance his pocketbook and other trial attorneys. As a last resort...sue the b..t..d!
Anonymous said…
Where's the ad about "Nuclear Dick" trying to bring nuclear plants to SD?

What, you say he's not talking about that? Keeping his plans secret from the voters?

Roger Hunt and Halliburton Wick are out there talking about nukes, and their clone Manford Steele is out there saying, "Yeah, what they said." but nuclear dick is silent, even though he voted for nukes too.

Reactor got your tongue, Nuclear Dick?
PP said…

That comment is so gone.

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